Starfield Razorleaf Weapon Rack Bug, Guns & Ammo Disappear

If your guns and ammo are gone after you’ve put them in the Weapon Rack of Starfield’s Razorleaf ship, you are not alone. Among many other things, Starfield offers an extensive amount of customization options for your ship. However, it seems that there’s a bug with a Weapon Rack, where the weapons disappear off the racks on Razorleaf – the Mantis ship. Here’s what we know about it.

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Starfield Razorleaf Guns Disappear, Weapon Rack Bug
Starfield Mantis’ Razorleaf Ship Glitch

Starfield Weapon Rack Bug, Razorleaf Weapons and Ammo Disappeared Glitch

Bethesda’s Starfield boasts a vast array of amazing spaceships for everyone’s taste and needs. You can make your own custom ships from scratch or purchase (and steal!) other people’s ships across the galaxy. One such legendary ship is called Razorleaf. You can get this top-notch early game ship by completing the Mantis mission. However, players have spotted an unfortunate bug with the Razorleaf ship. Namely, it seems that guns and ammo on Starfield’s Razorleaf ship are disappearing after you put them on the Weapon Rack.

“Don’t put anything on the weapon racks inside Razorleaf before you sit in the cockpit,” wrote Reddit user IronOxide15. “It will eat all of them. The storage cases were fine. Only the racks seem affected.” Furthermore, players report the same issue on Steam forums: “Not sure if it was just me, but I got the Mantis ship and put all my guns and ammo in the weapon racks up top. I went on my merry way to survey a planet, and when I got back to my ship, all my weapon racks were empty”.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a solution for this bug at the moment. Thus, we advise you to avoid using Weapon Racks on Razorleaf until Bethesda releases a hotfix. Rather, use your ship’s storage cases instead. For now, that’s all we know about the Starfield Razorleaf Weapon Rack Bug. If you know of a potential solution on how to bring back the missing guns and ammo, share it with us in the comments section!

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  1. J
    Joseph Burlein

    It isn’t just the racks. All items in containers and on the counters were moved into the cargo bay. The bay now shows 600 out of 400 for mass storage.

  2. R
    Renee Pullen

    Doesn’t matter if you sit in the cockpit or have it as your home ship. I stored all my best weapons on the Razorleaf weapons racks except for 3 while I went to sell all my crap guns and do some missions.I came back to the ship and everything was GONE!!!! 4 hrs of playtime lost, missions lost, xp lost. ! I had to load a save from the night before to get everything back. What a waste of time.

  3. F

    It’s not just the Razorleaf. I got the Star Eagle from the Rangers quest (and had not done the Mantis quest yet), and I had the same thing happen. Luckily, it was just four weapons, but they were all my space-rated guns.

  4. C
    Craig R

    Yeah this happened to me. Pain in the backside. Hopefully it gets patched. But 7/10 for this game is harsh in my opinion. I guess it comes down to what you were expecting, but as a long time Bethesda fan and space nut, this game delivers everything I wanted and I’m having an absolute blast. 7/10 seems unfairly low

  5. S

    I lost my main ship somehow while trying to acquire the razorleaf. When I pulled the switch, the ship did not surface, and somehow my main ship was sent to an alternate dimension. Trying to change locations on the planet would spawn me there without a ship. Trying to go to other planets would just reset me back to my current location. I was able to get to a city, but even then, my ship is gone. Tried switching home ships but that also doesn’t work… I either have to roll back several hours and hope the bug doesn’t repeat itself, or cut my losses and save up for a new ship

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