Starfield Almagest Jackpot Backend Combination Numbers

If you are looking for the correct Starfield Almagest Jackpot Backend Combination in order to open the safe, you’ve come to the right place! Starfield offers a vast space for players to explore, from massive planets to tiny little moons. However, there are some locales to inspect which are neither. For example, space stations such as the Almagest. In this guide, we provide the correct numbers to win the Almagest Jackpot in Starfield.

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Starfield Jackpot Backend Combination, Win Almagest Jackpot
Starfield Jackpot Backend Combination, Win Almagest Jackpot

Almagest Jackpot Backend Combination Code in Starfield

When you reach the planet of Nesoi in the Olympus System, one of the first things you’ll spot is a mysterious, seemingly abandoned space station in the planet’s orbit. This luxury casino was once a premier tourist attraction near the founding location of the United Colonies, where the colonists could have spent their hard-earned money. The place is now left for good, but some of that money is still waiting for you there. What you need is the Jackpot Backend Combination to unlock the safe.

Make sure to arrive at the Almagest station well-armed, as there will be quite a few Spacers inside, and they will not be friendly. When you deal with them, take your time to explore the casino. In the area right above the main bar, there’s a control/security room. Inside the office is the Manager’s Computer, and if you interact with it, you will find a document named “Jackpot Combination”. Based on other players’ experiences, they are not random but the same for everyone. Starfield Almagest Jackpot Backend Combination is 12, 19, 36, 5.

Now, head to the Jackpot Backend terminal and enter the code in the correct order. This will allow you to win the Almagest Jackpot, which is 3,700 credits. In addition, make sure to grab the Contraband Cache, which is right next to the terminal. The Cache will net you x5 Mech Components and x5 Stolen Artwork. In total, these are worth around 20,000 credits.

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