Not Authorized to Pilot This Ship Starfield, How to Steal Ship

Starfield allows you to live out your spacefaring fantasy. Naturally, this includes flying around in your own spaceship. And what’s even better than owning a spaceship? That’s right – owning a whole bunch of them. You can buy additional ships, but you can also take them over and add them to your existing fleet of ships. Only, when you try to steal a ship in Starfield, you will often get the “Not Authorized to Pilot This Ship” message. So what do you need to do here to be able to successfully steal ships such as these? We have the answer right here.

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Starfield Steal Ship, Not Authorized to Pilot This Ship
Starfield Steal Ship, Not Authorized to Pilot This Ship

How to fix “You Are Not Authorized to Pilot This Ship” and Steal Ship in Starfield

If you encounter a ship that you want to take over – either by taking out its crew, or by finding it abandoned in deep space – you will want to sit in the Pilot Seat to steal it (or commandeer it, if you prefer that term more). This is where you can get the message that “You are not authorized to pilot this ship.” But what does this mean? Well, even though the wording is a bit confusing, what it means is that your Piloting skill is not yet high enough to do this.

So what you need to do is to first increase it. And you can do this by destroying enemy ships. It shouldn’t take you too long to increase it to a level where you can steal and pilot just about any ship. Of course, even after you have done that, you technically still won’t own the ship in question. To do that, you will first need to register it. This can be done either while viewing the ship from the pause menu, or by visiting a Ship Technican. After that, the ship will be all yours, and you will be able to do things such as sell it.

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    I have max pilot skill and i still see this message.

    Your info is probably right as it pertains to disabling and boarding in space, but landed ships on planets still gove the message

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