Level Up Fitness Starfield, Use Up All Available Oxygen 20 Times

To level up fitness in Starfield and use up all available oxygen 20 times, you have to run. A lot. Anything that spends oxygen will work, but sprinting is by far the easiest way to do it (annoying though it may be). The only potential stumbling block is what actually counts as fully used-up oxygen. It’s pretty unintuitive. Hopefully, this guide is going to clear things up.

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level up fitness starfield use up all available oxygen 20 times
Level Up Fitness Starfield, Use Up All Available Oxygen 20 Times

How to Level Up Fitness in Starfield, Use Up All Available Oxygen 20 Times

To level up your fitness in Starfield, at least in the beginning, you have to use up all available oxygen twenty times. Now, when you sprint, you’ll see the white oxygen bar slowly go down. If you keep pushing, the red CO2 bar starts filling up instead. You’d think that it’s enough to empty the white bar and that’ll count as using up “all available oxygen.” That’d be logical. Unfortunately, the game disagrees. What you actually have to do is run until the white bar is completely empty and then keep going until the CO2 bar fills up. Only that counts towards raising your fitness. You’ll have to do that twenty times, which won’t take up too much time. It is, however, really annoying, but it is what it is. At least you can knock it out relatively quickly.

And there you have it that’s how you level up your Starfield fitness and use up all available oxygen 20 times. I assume the other levels will require something similar. All in all, it appears like the leveling system in Starfield is designed to raise skills the more you use them. Standard Bethesda fare, really. Now, what does fitness actually do? Well, Rank 1 grants you ten percent more oxygen, Rank to gives to twenty percent, and Rank 3 raises your oxygen by 30%. Once you reach the fourth and topmost rank, power attacks and sprinting will use significantly less oxygen. As you might imagine, that can come in really useful, depending on the situation. You don’t want to run out of air just as you’re one power attack away from winning a fight, or just a few steps away from safety.

EDIT: As some of our readers have commented, there seems to be a bug where the Starfield Fitness skill refuses to level up. Apparently, one potential fix for that is running on your ship while floating in orbit instead of planetside. Another potential solution is to verify game files, as noted by Chloe in the comments and Ezipan on Reddit.

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  1. C
    Cade Davie

    No matter how many times I sprint and fill the red CO2 bar, it won’t grant me ANY progress on the challenge. Thoughts?

    1. B

      I can confirm the fix for console is to just run while aboard your ship. I did it while landed on jemison, inside my ship, not in orbit. Jump a lot in the corner , 😊

    2. B

      Byyy the way, also, when your leveling the o2 dealio you gotta let the o2 bar fully recover before draining again. But you can just rest in your bed 1 hour and bam reset it to full then just jump like a mad man against the wall. Rinse and repeat. Beats waiting for the bar to refill…..

  2. S

    I think this may actually be bugged, I use up all oxygen and fill up CO2 and it still won’t rank up, no matter what I do when using up oxygen it just won’t rank up??

    1. M

      Same issue here… let me know if you guys figure it out. Posted issue on discord.

    2. C

      Verifying the game files fixed this issue for me on PC, I guess reinstalling is the only way to fix the issue on Xbox. I’ve never actually fixed anything from verifying the game files so I usually don’t ever bother. Fix comes courtesy of Ezipan via Reddit.

  3. P

    Removing and adding Fitness perk again through console fixed problem for me

  4. B

    Be sure to grab all your resources from your cargo or something similar to be encumbered. It turns this from a chore to a quick process.

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