Starfield You’re Too Early, Won't Launch

If Starfield early access won’t launch, and you are receiving a “You’re Too Early” message, you are not alone! After five years of waiting, fans will finally get a chance to jump into the next epic Bethesda adventure. However, it seems that some players are currently unable to launch the game despite early access being live. Here’s how you can fix it.

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Starfield You’re Too Early, Won't Launch
You’re Too Early, Starfield Won’t Launch

Starfield You’re Too Early Message Fix

Starfield Early Access has now officially launched across Steam, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox Game Pass for those who own the Premium Edition upgrade. However, although somewhat expectingly, it seems that many players are currently having problems with launching the game. Namely, the issue is the biggest for those who are trying to play via Xbox Game Pass with the Premium Edition upgrade. However, even those who fully own the game and the Premium Edition on Xbox seem to have various problems. For starters, many are receiving the “Starfield You’re Too Early” message. “The game and updates are all installed through Game Pass, and I purchased the premium update days ago. However when I try to launch the game, I am getting the ‘You’re too early’ message,” says Reddit user Confident_Ad_8745.

Of course, this is obviously false as Early Access is now live, and they are not trying to play the game “too early”. So, how to solve this issue? According to Redditors who are experiencing this problem, it seems that this is one of those glitches that can be fixed by brute force. Apparently, all you have to do is to spam the “Play” button until the game eventually lets you in. “Just spam trying to launch the game. It worked for me after about 50ish tries,” wrote Reddit user Darealstiffler, and many others have confirmed that this method works. So there you have it, keep pushing the button until it lets you in!

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