Starfield Lung Damage, How to Remove Status Effects

In our Starfield Lung Damage, How to Remove Status Effects guide, we are going to cover some important stuff that you should know. First off, we will explain how lung damage happens and what it can cause. Then, we will show you how to stop coughing in Starfield, which is the most annoying symptom of lung damage. Fortunately for you, this is an affliction that’s relatively easy to fix. Here’s what you know when it comes to how to heal status effects like lung damage.

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starfield lung damage how to remove status effects
Starfield Lung Damage, How to Remove Status Effects

Starfield Lung Damage

Lung damage in Starfield is one of the status effects that you might have to remove at some point. It’s commonly caused by running into a cloud of brown gas while you’re exploring. This will cause lung damage lightning fast, sometimes even through a spacesuit (especially if the suit’s defenses have been depleted). There are other potential causes, but however you incur it, the symptoms are often the same. One of them can be soreness, which causes melee attacks to use up oxygen. A much bigger pest is the Cough status effect. Every so often, you’ll take a hit to your oxygen from coughing. Also, if you’re trying to sneak around enemies and cough, they’ll hear you. Not to mention that you’ll keep coughing through cutscenes and important dialogue, which kills the vibe somewhat. Now let’s learn how to cure status effects.

lung damage starfield status effect how to remove
Toxic gas can cause lung damage

How to Remove Status Effects in Starfield

To remove status effects in Starfield, such as lung damage and the associated cough, there are two things you can do. The first way to cure status effects is to use a first aid item. Specifically, go into the Aid part of your inventory and find an item that has the same icon as your affliction. In this case, it’ll be a yellow triangle with an icon that looks like a shower head, kinda. Most likely, it’ll be an Injector, as shown in the images below. It could also be Snake Oil (which works, despite the name), Panacea (which cures many things), and a number of other items.

The second method is to go visit a clinic in the nearest major city. It’ll cost you about a thousand credits or so, but going to the doctor is worth it. They’ll clean up every affliction you have, and you’ll be right as rain. Heck, they might even sell you an item that can clear up the lung damage for less money.

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