Rings in Temple Eta Starfield Into the Unknown, Investigate the Source of the Anomaly

At the very end of the “Into the Unknown” questline in Starfield, players will be tasked to “Investigate the Source of the Anomaly” in the Temple Eta. Inside, you will find mysterious metallic floating rings spinning around in a zero gravity chamber. Read on as we explain what to do here and how to solve this puzzle.

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Rings in Temple Eta Starfield Into the Unknown, Investigate the Source of the Anomaly

Starfield Floating Rings Puzzle in Temple Eta Solution, Investigate the Source of the Anomaly Quest

Once you complete the first few main quests in Starfield, three new main quests will open up. One of them is called “Into the Unknown”, where you must pick two artefacts and bring them back to the Lodge. However, instead of ending there, Vladimir will send you and Andreja on a mission to the snowy planet Procyon III. There, you must find Temple Eta and “Investigate the Source of the Anomaly”. Finally, once you enter the temple, you’ll see strange metallic floating rings. These rings are seemingly doing nothing. There are no ways to interact with them. Hence, what do you need to do in order to complete this task?

The puzzle in hand is actually a rather simple one. It’s just that the game doesn’t give you any hints, which might confuse players. Once you enter Temple Eta, you’ll start floating around in a zero-gravity area. While the rings will spin slowly at first. If you look around the chamber carefully, you’ll see a small bundle of stars/lights. These groups of stars/lights are the solution to the puzzle.

Namely, in order to solve the Starfield Temple Eta spinning floating rings puzzle, you’ll need to float toward and touch these bundles of stars/lights. The rings will react to this and start spinning faster. Whenever you pass through a group of stars, a new group will soon appear. Float towards another group, and with each new group of stars you touch, the rings will further accelerate. Just make sure to grab each next star group quickly. Otherwise, the rings will slow down, and the process will reset. After you reach enough stars, the rings will align and create a portal. Pass through the portal, and you will unlock the first of many supernatural powers in the game: Anti-Gravity Field.

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