State of Decay 2 How to Increase Morale in Home Base

Morale is one of the stats you’re going to struggle with in State of Decay 2. It’s the representation of how happy members of your community are, and it’s a complicated score – everyone’s happiness affects the overall morale in the home base. You’ll have to work hard to balance the needs of your survivors, so you get an optimal score and reap the benefits. High morale will improve production and build speeds, and give you increased experience gain. This guide is going to show you how to increase morale in State of Decay 2.

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state of decay 2 how to increase morale
State of Decay 2 How to Increase Morale in Home Base

How to boost community morale?

You have only one way of influencing morale, and that is by tailoring your home base to the needs of your community. That’s why bases with a lot of open slots are so expensive – you can mould them any way you like, to create the optimal setup.

Most of the stuff is pretty common sense. People want to have enough beds – having less than you need will result in a penalty. They also appreciate good medical facilities, gardens that produce food and watchtowers that keep them safe. You should not only build these, but also upgrade them as much as you can.

Facilities that produce luxury goods can be great, but they’re a double edged blade. You can have a member who has a problem with alcohol, and their morale will decrease if you build a still. This will effectively cancel out the buff others have from having cheap booze, which means you’ll have wasted a slot.

When claiming outposts, focus on the ones that give you power or water. They’re loud, which will increase the threat level, but you can’t go wrong with them. If you get the Builder legacy boon at the end of the game, they won’t make any noise, making this a no-brainer.

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