Steam Deck Compatible Games

The full list of Steam Deck compatible games is something potential buyers will want to see before purchasing Valve’s new handheld PC. Knowing what games work on the Steam Deck is essential as it is a tightly packed PC and you will not be able to upgrade it. And no one wants to spend several hundred dollars on a device where games are working poorly. If you want to know which Steam games are Deck Verified, read on to find out what games can you play on Steam Deck.

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Steam Deck Compatible Games
Steam Deck Verified Games

What Games Can You Play on Steam Deck?

The Steam Deck has finally arrived! The early adopters are already tirelessly testing their new toy. Other, more cautious gamers are waiting to see how will Valve’s handheld PC turn out to be. There’s no denying that the Steam Deck is a rather alluring device. The prospect of having your whole Steam library portable with you, be it in bed, on vacation, or while commuting, certainly looks attractive. Though, can you really play all your games on the Steam Deck? You can see the full list of games that are working great on the Steam Deck here. It is an official, Valve verified list of Steam Deck compatible games that you can play right from the get-go.

Since the introduction of the Steam Deck, Valve has had an ongoing game verification program. There, they perform various tests to see if a game is compatible with the Steam Deck. This includes performance, visual clarity, controls, UI and text size, and so on. If a game passes all parts of the test, it receives a green “Verified” checkmark. Since there are over 60,000 games on Steam, if a game is not yet tested for the Steam Deck, it gets an Unknown tag.

How to Check if a Game is Playable on Steam Deck?

If you want to see if the games you own on Steam are compatible with the Steam Deck, all you need to do is to open the Steam Deck Compatibility page. First, make sure that you are logged into your Steam account in a browser you use. Once you are logged in, the page will show all your games in three separate categories. First are Deck Verified games from your library. You can play these games on the Steam Deck without issues. The second category is Deck Playable games. These games will work, but they will require some tweaking and there might be some issues. Finally, your games under “Unsupported Deck Games” will either not work on the deck, or are not yet tested. So there you have it, now you know what games are working on the Steam Deck.

What Games Can You Play on Steam Deck
You can see here some Steam Deck verified games
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