Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Terror Tribe Trailer Released

Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War has gotten a new trailer, and it shows off one of the many orc tribes that will feature in the game. They’re called the Terror Tribe, and they sure live up to their name. They live to spread fear across Mordor, using many different tactics, including wearing terrifying armor and executing other orcs.

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Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Terror Tribe Trailer Released
Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Terror Tribe Trailer Released

The Terror Tribe is one of many orc tribes that you’ll encounter while playing Middle-Earth: Shadow of War. They got a new cinematic trailer, just for them, and it’s a pretty gruesome watch. The trailer paints the Terror Tribe as probably the most violent, brutal and vicious bunch in Mordor. They wear pretty terrifying armor (see picture above), which seems like it’s incredibly painful to wear. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that that’s the point; a way to show enemies how much they can take. They execute other orcs, torture them, bash them to death, and so on. It takes a lot of effort to be the most messed-up crew rolling around Mordor, and the Terror Tribe is prepared to put in the work.

Orcs will be organized in tribes in Shadow of War. The developers hope to present a richer open world that way. You’ll walk around, across different tribe territories, and you’ll be able to notice the differences and really learn about orc society. That, coupled with the improved Nemesis system, should really help players feel immersed in the world of Middle-Earth. Hopefully, it won’t just boil down to liberating outposts that just look a bit different.

Now, if only the people behind the game hadn’t decided to hide some of the orcs that you can get in loot boxes, behind microtransactions. But, I guess that’s video games now, right?

Shadow of war is set to come out on October 10th, for Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4. You can check out the full Shadow of War Terror Tribe trailer below.

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