Fastest Coin Farming Method in Super Mario Odyssey Discovered

Coins are a global currency in Super Mario Odyssey. You can get them in any kingdom, and spend them on outfits and even Power Moons. It’s because of that latter quality that players are so interested in collecting them – more moons means access to more kingdoms. A method for farming them quickly has surfaced recently, but it’s only available in one of the later stages of the game. Obviously, there are spoilers ahead, so proceed at your own discretion.

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fastest way to farm coin super mario odyssey
Fastest Coin Farming Method in Super Mario Odyssey Discovered

The method involves travelling to Bowser’s Kingdom and replaying one of the special mini levels over and over again. If you decide to get rich quick, you’ll have to teleport to the Beneath the Keep checkpoint (the last one). Once you’re there, turn around and follow the roof on the right. Just before you reach the green pipe, jump over the edge and onto the lower rooftop.

You’ll land next to a flower pot. Cross the Spiny-infested area to get to the seed, then take it back and plant it in the pot. Once it starts growing, jump and hold onto it. It’ll take you high above the clouds, to a secret mini level. The level is all about coins – you’ll just have to run forward and jump from time to time. The rocket flowers will provide you with much needed speed boosts.

You’ll get around 180 coins per run, and once you’re back in Bowser’s Kingdom, the seed will be there again. Simply repeat the process until your coffers are full, then go and buy all the stuff you’ve ever wanted. If you haven’t beaten the game, you’ll have only outfits to purchase. If you’ve already beaten it, you’ll also be able to buy Power Moons, circumventing the need to gather them manually and sucking all the fun out of the game.

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    The 9999 coin limit is a real pain. Another way to get rich fast is the event in Metro Kingdom. Just make sure to die at Donkey Kong so you can easily restart. You get about 300 coins.

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    Going to the metro kingdom for the traditional festival is my most favourite thing to do because you can get over 300 coins. In order to do this before you go into the 8-bit pipes go behind the Odyssey and throw cappy onto each of the four metal hats that are next to and beside of the hat pipe and after you have done that go on to the pole that has a top hat on top and cappy on top of the top hat. after you have defeated Donkey Kong go up the pipe, but DO NOT TALK TO MAYOR PAULINE just yet before you do go on top of both of the huge speakers and behind the stage where you will find two red lights and throw cappy on both of them.

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