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There are quite a lot of side quests in Alexandria, the biggest city in Assassin’s Creed Origins. A few of them are part of a storyline following a priest, Phanos the actor, an accidental philosopher and more. We’re going to help you complete them by showing you objectives, locations, investigation points and more in our AC Origins Alexandria side quests guide.

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AC Origins All Alexandria Side Quests Walkthrough Guides
Alexandria Side Quests Walkthrough

Serapis Unites

Level: 10
Reward: 800 xp
Estimated time: ~ 13 minutes

Serapis Unites quest is found inside the Serapeion temple, the same place where you can pick up the Stone Gaze papyrus. Once you talk to the local priest, he will set you on a task to find and rescue the drummer. He is located toward the northwest, imprisoned in a military camp. To complete this objective, you’ll have to carry him outside the restricted area.

AC Origins Serapis Unites Retrieve The Lion Skin
Retrieve the Lion Skin Objective
The next task requires you to retrieve a lion skin. You’ll have to go back to the temple where you picked up the quest. West from it, a group of bandits roams the streets. When night falls, they will enter a house with a large hole in the ceiling and a wooden bridge over it. One of these bandits carries a shield and has the blue lion skin quest item. Once you kill him, you need to confirm the kill, so that Bayek can pick up the item. Once you have the item, get back to the temple and talk to the priest.

A Tithe by Any Other Name

Prerequisite: Serapis Unites
Level: 10
Reward: 800 xp
Estimated time: ~ 5 minutes

You’ll can get this quest as soon as you are done with its prerequisite. Talk to the same priest in the same temple. He will ask you to find and steal a cart from the western road into Alexandria. The cart has an escort, and they will speed up if you alert them. Be sure to bring down the cart driver first, so you don’t end up chasing them all over town, fighting every soldier you run into. Once on the cart, you’ll need to drive it west from the temple, near the water – but you’ll have to lose any pursuers first.

The Odyssey

Prerequisite: A Tithe by Any Other Name
Level: 10
Reward: 800 xp
Estimated time: ~ 3 minutes

The good old priest is now in the street southwest from the temple. At the start, you’ll have to escort him to the temple. If you call for a mount, he will jump on its back as well, making the trip less time-consuming. As you get across the bridge, he will dismount the horse, and a group of soldiers will attack. If you stay on your mount, it will make the fight a lot easier. Simply talk to him once the battle is over.

Wrath of the Poets

Level: 20
Reward: 1 500 xp
Estimated time: ~ 12 minutes

The quest giver, Phanos, is in the empty theatre in northern Alexandria. This is one of the more magnificent places in the game. He will ask you to find and rescue some actors. One of them is kept in the Akra Garrison, south of the eastern city gate. He is in a wooden cage in the central yard. Use Senu to mark the one closest to the bonfire. Call for a mount and get the actor on its back, then run out of the garrison to save time. Once you’re a bit farther away from the garrison, the actor will simply hop off the mount. Talk to him to start the next objective.

The second actor is inside a two-storey house, close to the canal and a small park with a single tree. To avoid the guards in front of the house, you can parkour your way across the rooftops. You’ll just have to take the actor to the main street, and he will follow you everywhere. After that, you should find and recover the script, held by a soldier in a group of level 21 comrades, east from the theatre. Get the Politics of the Gods quest item and return to Phanos to complete the mission.


Prerequisite: Wrath of the Poets
Level: 21
Reward: 1 500 xp
Estimated time: ~ 5 minutes

Get back to Phanos to start the next quest. If it doesn’t appear, try speeding up the time or reloading the zone using fast travel. You’ll only need to follow and escort Phanos home. Phanos is a feisty fellow, and you’ll get in trouble more than once. The tricky part is surviving the fights in the streets, as the soldiers come in large numbers. Phanos will not move until you deal with all the hostiles.

Phylakitai in the Eye

Prerequisite: Symposiasts
Level: 22
Reward: 1 500 xp, Mount
Estimated time: ~ 9 minutes

Talk to Phanos in the far southwestern part of Alexandria. Three new objectives will appear at once, asking you to kill the charioteer and soldiers, and to destroy the armory. The charioteer is patrolling the main street. Make it quick, or you’ll have to chase him around while attracting the attention of the other soldiers.

The armory and the soldiers are in eastern Alexandria. To complete the armory objective, you need to kill all the soldiers there. They are inside a small passage, just next to the large park. Be sure to pick up the Armory treasure for bonus experience. The final group of enemies is on a boat in the waters of the bay in northeastern Alexandria. Head back to Phanos to complete the quest and get the mount, a sacred camel called Basus.

The Accidental Philosopher – Coastline Investigation

Level: 20
Reward: 1 500 xp
Estimated time: ~ 7 minutes

AC Origins The Accidental Philosopher Side Quest
The Accidental Philosopher Starting NPC
To start the quest, talk with Tjepu in the market close to the docks, in southern Alexandria.

For the first objective, you’ll need to reach a beach just a bit southwest from the start. You’ll have to investigate the coastline and find out what happened to Tefibi, Tjepu’s son. The clues for the investigation are:
  • Torn clothing near the water.
  • Blood in the water.
  • Blood on the rocks, close to the previous clue.
  • Blood trail that eventually leads you to Tefibi. He is in a small room next to the lighthouse.

The next task makes you escort Tefibi to safety, back to his mother. You’ll have to deal with several level 21 soldiers, close to the wooden stairs at the end of the beach. Once he is safe, talk to him to complete the quest.

Higher Education

Prerequisite: The Accidental Philosopher
Level: 21
Reward: 1 500 xp
Estimated time: ~ 4 minutes

The next quest starts east from the market where you met Tjepu. She is now in a new location, with her son by her side. To find and recover the papyrus the soldiers took, you’ll need to sail southwest from Alexandria. If you are fast enough, you’ll spot their red sails. If you shoot down the red cups on their ship, they will burn together with it. You’ll need to confirm the kill to get Tefibi’s Notes (quest item). Return them to complete the quest.

The Last Bodyguard

Level: 15
Reward: 800 XP + Miscellaneous
Estimated time: ~ 13 minutes

The merchant you need to talk to is in the northwestern part of Alexandria, east from the bridge leading to the northern island. He will ask you to follow him while he tells you about his destiny, and leads you to his daughter, Kara. She is one of the most memorable characters in the game.

As Kara’s personal bodyguard, you’ll have to take care of her on her journey through the city. Take her to the docks in the Egyptian District first, using a nearby boat. Drive it west, and follow the coastline to your left. There is a military camp nearby, so be careful not do draw any unwanted attention. You’ll need to drive the boat to the exact location, or Kara will hesitate to leave it. For the next step, you’ll need to follow her to her horse, Pegasus, near Alexandria’s eastern gate.

AC Origins The Last Bodyguard Get Pegasus from the Thief
Get Pegasus from the Thief
At the end of the journey with Pegasus, you’ll have to pick up the linen from the local market. This is when the trouble starts – the horse will get stolen. Put down the linen and start chasing the thief. It is important not to kill the horse. If you do, the quest will fail and you’ll have to reload. Return Pegasus to its owner, and you’ll complete the quest.

The Shifty Scribe

Level: 11
Reward: 750 xp
Estimated time: ~ 4 minutes

Talk to Callista to start the quest. She is inside a house close to the main road in western Alexandria, northeast from the Sarapeion temple. She needs someone to rescue her husband Aristo, who is being transported to the southern docks. You’ll most likely find him on the road, surrounded by a couple of guards. Take them out and get Aristo to the port in southern Alexandria. His wife will be waiting for him in a boat there. You’ll have to put him down in order to speak with him and complete the quest.

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