Metro Kingdom Jump-Rope Challenge Tips - Super Mario Odyssey

Jump-rope Challenge is one of the mini-games in Super Mario Odyssey. You can play it in Metro Kingdom, in the park near main street entrance. Managing to get 100 jumps will unlock the Jump-Rope Genius power moon, which seems to be one of the hardest ones to get. As you manage to land more jumps, the rope will swing faster. It’s pretty tough, but there are some ways to make things easier for yourself. We’re going to share them in our Metro Kingdom Jump-Rope Challenge tips guide.

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metro kingdom jump rope challenge tips super mario odyssey
Metro Kingdom Jump-Rope Challenge Tips

Jump-Rope Genius Power Moon – Jumping Mini-game Tips

Most players manage to get to around 50 after some practice, but can’t progress further. The catch is that the rope keeps swinging faster and faster until you hit 50, then it just continues at the same pace indefinitely. People get used to speeding up, so they unconsciously start tapping the jump button faster even when the rope swingers aren’t speeding up. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • The harder you press the button, the higher Mario jumps. Tap the button as lightly as possible – minimal jump height will ensure you don’t spend too long in the air, which is crucial after the speed ramps up.
  • Try different camera angles. Keeping the camera behind one of the women worked best for us, but you might feel more comfortable with another setup.
  • Stand halfway between the women, as this will give you the most leeway.
  • Once you pass 50 jumps, stop looking at the rope. Instead, keep an eye on Mario’s feet, and jump as soon as he hits the ground.
  • Up to 30-40, you can use the “Hey” shout as a timer.
  • Some people think the lag from the joycons is an issue. If you have the pro controller, try using that instead. Alternatively, try the handheld mode.
  • Riding the moped/motorcycle might make things much easier, but it probably depends on the person. You can find it parked by the curb nearby. Align yourself with the rope, then wait for a good opportunity to just ride into the game.
  • You can activate two-player mode in order to set the camera in a more fixed position, then leave Cappy by the side while Mario jumps.