Super Mario Odyssey Metro Kingdom Seeds Locations and Where to Plant

Metro Kingdom plant seeds are found early in this Super Mario Odyssey level. Look in the little park near the first flag of the zone. There are three of them in the southeast corner and by now you should know that they are an easy way for you to gather some Power Moons. The question is where to plant these Metro Kingdom seeds, or rather, where are the pots in which the Power Moon giving plant will grow? Here’s a quick guide with map screenshots to help you locate these. Do note that you need to finish New Donk City main story quest so that its daytime and seeds are available for planting.

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Metro Kingdom Seed Locations where to plant super mario odyssey
Super Mario Odyssey Metro Kingdom Seeds Locations

City Gardening Power Moons – Metro Kingdom Seed and Pots Locations

Seeds are in the southeast corner of the park where Talkatoo hint parrot is located. When you zip from Odyssey into the city go right. The first pot is close by, in the opposite corner from the seeds (northeast). You have to wait around 10 minutes for the plant to grow so you can pick up another seed and search for the next pot to plant it in.

metro kingdom seeds first pot location SMO

Go west from where the seeds are and you should see a building with a taxi in front of it. You need to jump onto the taxi, which will launch you into the air just enough to reach the fire escape stairs on the side of the building. Use these to get up on top of the roof. Pot is located at the far end of the roof.

Last one is located near the building with the slots game. You go north from the Cap store and a bit to the west. You should recognize the slots building by the three moons on its sign. Go behind the building and you should be able to wall jump all the way up onto its roof. You need the building next to the slots building. You should see the pot on its rooftop.

Now all you need to do is wait for the plants to grow. Once they do hit the gold fruit. You will receive three Power Moons: #21 City Gardening: Building Planter, #22 City Gardening: Plaza Planter and #23 City Gardening: Rooftop Planter.

Metro kingdom power moon 21 city gardening building planter seed SMO
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