Metro Kingdom Power Plant Puzzle Solution - Super Mario Odyssey

Metro Kingdom Power Plant Puzzle is one of the power moon challenges in Super Mario Odyssey. You’ll find it in the sewer in New Donk City, and solving it will grant you another precious moon. The puzzle requires you to rotate a certain object in a fairly limited space, so that it fits into its designated slot. It can be a bit difficult if you’re not into this kind of thing. This guide will show you the Metro Kingdom Power Plant puzzle solution.

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metro kingdom power plant puzzle solution super mario odyssey
Metro Kingdom Power Plant Puzzle Solution

Powering Up the Power Plant – Moon Puzzle

In order to find this puzzle, you’ll travel to the Outdoor Cafe area, then move the manhole cover in the street and jump down into the sewer. Once you’re down there, simply follow the path to the power plant room (it’s the one you pass by when you first enter the level). You’ll have to deal with a bunch of poison piranha plants, some exploding mosquitoes, and a whole lot of moving platforms. Use Cappy to possess the green cube in front of the generator.

You’ll need to slot the green cube into the machinery, so that the conductors connect to the cables on the left and right, and the socket stays at the bottom. Basically, it should be in the same position as the one it starts in, only two fields away. If you stand so that the cube is between you and the generator, you should move it in the following way: back, left, forward, right, right, forward, left, forward.

We were slightly taken aback by the sheer amount of sharp-dressed men skulking about in the New Donk City Underground. It’s best to ignore them. They’re probably up to no good. Although it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise, encountering members of the Rat Pack in the sewer.


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