Surge Rogue Process - How to Defeat Final Boss

Rogue Process is the final boss in The Surge. There are two phases in this fight – the first one isn’t too troublesome, while the second can be a pain. After you’ve defeated this boss, the final cutscene will play, and the game will end. In this guide, we’re going to how to beat Surge Rogue Process, the game’s final boss.

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surge rogue process final boss fight
Surge Rogue Process – final boss fight

When you arrive in the arena, use the overcharge terminal to start the fight. The boss will appear in beast form – a large, four-legged monster. In this phase, the Rogue Process is slow, and most of its attacks can be easily dodged. Circling it to your right takes care of most of the attacks. Some attacks, however, are not that well telegraphed. The boss can turn into a spiked mass, doing area-of-effect damage – this one’s pretty hard to read. As you damage it, parts of its body will turn red. As this happens, it will become more aggressive. Finally, when all of the limbs have turned red, and you can’t lock onto the boss anymore, go to the terminal and overcharge it again.

The boss will then transform into a humanoid form. It will become much faster, with combos similar to those of regular enemies. There’s really no special trick to this phase, as far as we can see. You just need to dodge his attacks consistently, and punish him for overreaching. Be careful and patient, and all should turn out well. Dodging to the side is your best bet here – the boss has a dashing attack, and another one that shoots out three projectiles with a spread. Dodging backwards wouldn’t help you against those.

The arena is fairly dark, especially around the edges. If you have trouble seeing the boss (which would make learning his moves much harder), make sure you increase the brightness – either in the game, or in your screen’s settings.

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