Tales of Arise Resolution Stuck On Fullscreen Bug Fix

Tales of Arise Steam players are getting a strange bug where they are stuck on fullscreen resolution at 4096×2160 and are looking how to fix this issue. In fact, selecting any other resolution isn’t possible in these cases, since the rest of the resolution options are greyed out and unselectable. If you are one of these unlucky players, our Tales of Arise Resolution Stuck On Fullscreen Bug Fix guide will help you resolve this problem. Hopefully, after employing some of these fixes, you can get back to comfortably gaming in your own preferred resolution of choice.

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Tales of Arise Resolution Stuck On Fullscreen Bug Fix

How to Fix the Tales of Arise Resolution Stuck On Fullscreen Bug

The first potential fix here is to set your game to Windowed Mode. Once you are in this mode, you will now be able to change the resolution to anything you choose. The second method is to update your NVidia drivers. You can download them here, after selecting which GPU you have in your computer. Like many graphics issues, checking if you have the latest GPU drivers should always be one of the first things you do. The third fix stems from players using a borderless gaming software. If you have this installed on your computer, try uninstalling it to see if this will fix this bug.

Finally, players have been reporting that they have had success fixing this by following this guide. Of course, please note that you are attempting all of these at your own discretion. Just like the recent controller issue, the Tales of Arise developers are definitely aware of this problem and are most likely hard at work fixing it. Odds are good that both the controller issue and this Stuck On Fullscreen Resolution bug will be fixed in an upcoming patch or hotfix. Until then, you can try these several methods.

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