Shionne the Fashion Critic Tales of Arise

In Tales of Arise, there is a particular quest in which Shionne will be asked to give out some fashion advice, and it is, quite fittingly, called “Shionne the Fashion Critic”. This quest begins in Ulzebek after you approach and talk with a modestly attired Handsome Nobleman. However, though the quest appears very simple at first, there’s actually more to it than meets the eye. In this Shionne the Fashion Critic Tales of Arise guide, we will explain everything you need to do in order to successfully complete this quest.

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Shionne the Fashion Critic Tales of Arise

How to Complete Shionne the Fashion Critic in Tales of Arise

Like we already mentioned, this quest begins in Calaglia – Ulzebek. When you go there, you will see a young man in rags that you can talk to. Approach him and initiate a conversation. This Handsome Nobleman will start talking with Shionne. He wants her advice on what sort of clothes he should wear in order to stand out from everyone else. You will be able to give him three answers: 1) “Just regular clothing.” 2) “Something aggressive.” 3) “Something that says ‘money’.” Whichever option you pick, he will be satisfied with your answer and thank you for sharing your opinion.

The next step of the quest requires you to wait until he has picked out some clothes. Even though it appears like you can finish this quest then and there, when you return to him, he will still have not picked out anything. Currently, it looks like this is a bug. As such, it will most likely get patched out soon, along with the Controller issue and the WS-45486-7 Error. The only way to finish this quest is to progress with the game until you reach Part 6. This can take a long while, depending on how fast you like to play, but when you get to this part of the game, you will then be able to come back to the Handsome Noble and complete this quest.

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