Tales of Arise - The Mysterious Pair

The Mysterious Pair is a quest in Tales of Arise that can be very difficult to solve. This is because this quest requires you to do some detective work in order to figure out exactly where you need to go. It begins in the Niez in Mahag Saar. Here, you will come across a man who’s called the Wonder Bard. He will challenge you to solve a riddle and find the location of a legendary instrument. Of course, to start the quest, you need to agree to this, by selecting the “Sure, let’s give it a shot.” dialogue option. Our Tales of Arise – The Mysterious Pair guide will explain how you can easily solve this quest.

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Tales of Arise - The Mysterious Pair

How To Solve The Mysterious Pair Quest in Tales of Arise

Before we get into the quest itself, we have to point out that you will have needed to first complete Shionne’s “A Healer and Her Patients” quest. After you agree to the Wonder Bard’s conditions, he will present you with three Wonder Texts. The first of these reads: “Just beyond the hovels in a land shrouded by sand and stone.” The second Wonder Text: “The northernmost reaches of a wasteland to the north of an abandoned village.” Finally, the third Wonder Text and your last clue: “It lies dormant at the back of a narrow road to the west, whereupon an ancient tower stands.”

With all of these clues, you may be wondering where you need to go next, and if this is just one location, or several. Luckily for us, it’s only the one location. So, go to Calaglia Iglia Wastes. Next, move to the northern end of the map. We’ve marked the exact location on the screenshot below. Once you are here, you will see a sparkle in some bushes. Examine here and you will find an Iron Pipe. Go back to the Wonder Bard to complete this quest and claim your reward.

where to find the iron pipe
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    Thank you for the side quest guide! Maybe blur out the main quest description to avoid potential spoilers?

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    Thank you for the spoiler free guide! I got the general area forst but mistakenly searched the Renan ruins. This guide was super helpful in correcring my path, and kept it all spoiler free!

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