Tekken 7 How to Beat Akuma Special Chapter - Master of Iron Fist Trophy

Tekken 7 Akuma special chapter is a challenge you can try after you finish the main story. It’s a really tought fight in which you play as Devil Kazuya, and you have to beat Akuma. He’s a tricky and quick opponent, and when you beat him, you’ll unlock the Master of Iron Fist achievement. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to beat Akuma special chapter in Tekken 7, so you can get the trophy.

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tekken 7 how to beat akuma special chapter master of iron fist trophy
How to beat Akuma in Tekken 7

Tekken 7 Master of Iron Fist achievement

Before you start, set the difficulty level to easy. This will allow for basic comboes and make the fight easier. When you’re at a distance from each other, use Devil Blaster (left kick + right kick). When you’re in mid-range, use Reverse Devil Blaster. This will chip away Akuma’s health slowly.

When he’s next to you, he’ll start throwing punches. Block the first two – there will be an opening after that. Your best bet is to use the opening for a Devil Fist (forward, forward, right punch). If you manage to hit him, keep spamming right punch. If you don’t, stop and put some distance between the two of you. If he blocks three punches in a row, he’ll counter. Repeat this until you’ve almost beaten him. When he’s out of HP, you’ll have to stop his ultimate ability by performing your Rage Art (R1/RB).

Alternatively, you can just try spamming L1+X/LB+A. Akuma has a kind of a blind spot for this move, and if you’re persistent and fortunate enough, you might defeat him by just performing this one. Of course, that’s not going to help you become a better player.

If you have some tips or another tactic to suggest, feel free to leave a comment. We’ll update the guide to include all viable strategies we run into.



  1. D

    I beat him on normal difficulty by using devil kazuyas flying kick to keep him away (try to time with his hadoukens) then at a range use normal devil blaster this will give you enough space to escape if you miss. Once he is down to half health try your best to keep away at all costs as he has a cheat unblockable (his focus attack but made very fast) that also has armor he will immediately rage art if you are hit ending the battle. Once your rage art is available use it right away otherwise akuma will rage art finishing you.

  2. G

    superb game, good story and nice gameplay…!!!

    1. Z

      Wait………… you think think game has a fucking good story? Are you out of your damm mind?!

  3. R

    When he shifts back to do his triple fireballs I sidestepped twice and used the air laser to hit him then I kept a certain distance so he’d shifted to me and used the easy mode R1/Rb button combo as the shift makes him vulnerable

    1. M

      But, i dont know how i can make he’s laser?

  4. S

    The easiest (not that its easy) way i found is to block nonstop, and he will come at you and do a 1 punch and 2 hit chop attack, if you successfully block those you can get a small little cutscene by pressing (X on ps4) (A for xbox) and then he will back up and shoot 3 fireballs, side step like crazy (double tapping up or down will side step once) then after the third fireball misses you, you run/dash at him and kick, by double tapping the directional button towards him (you can use an analog stick to do this but i feel its easier to mess up on, and you don’t want to mess up much on this fight) once the kick lands, DO NOT ADVANCE he will use armor and ignore your attack and counter, or just straight up move faster than you and counter, or just block it and then counter, simply back up and get ready for him to try the 3 hit attack that he started with (the 1 punch and 2 hit chop) occasionally you will encounter him going “YHOO RHA” with a practically unblockable attack, sometimes he cancels the attack if you block and crouch, but if not he will still hit you, just hope the RNG is in your favor at that point, but just being religious about blocking everything until that 3 hit attack, there is also a common 2 punch attack, which you *sometimes* can counter with a simple attack, but other times he could just upper cut you, send you in the air, then on the floor where he can do more damage, unless you’re feeling lucky or find some indication on when he will or won’t do the uppercut i wouldn’t even attempt it. the PURPLE fire ball can also be side-stepped and punished but if you’re not close enough he will recover before you get the kick to land and just flash step behind you and start hitting you in the back. and this cycle can get you to the final part where he uses his rage art, he will have his cinematic, then itll look at kazuya and he will say something, then it’ll return to the fight and it’ll say “rage art” on the bottom left, press (R1 for ps4) (RB for Xbox) to use yours and counter his, if his attack lands first, and you didn’t die (HIGHLY UNLIKELY) you can use your rage art to finish him or if it somehow didn’t work (he dodged or blocked or countered it) you can resort to the original cycle.

    If this does not work the first time i would suggest trying it at least 5 times, and if there’s still no hope in sight after 5 times move the difficulty to easy, if you already did that then i honestly truthfully feel bad for you. Good luck, keep your controller, TV, and console in one piece, and most of all, remember that going to arcade on easy and whooping ass with your favorite character usually lightens moods. <3

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