Tekken 7 How to Get Eliza

Eliza is a character in Tekken 7. She’s a mid-range fighter, with both decent speed and damage. However, what’s special about her is the Blood Gauge at the bottom of the screen. It fills up when you deal damage or sleep and allows you to let loose a devastating attack. So, she’s an interesting character, and players are wondering how to get Eliza in Tekken 7.

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Tekken 7 How to Get Eliza
Tekken 7 How to Get Eliza

How to Unlock Eliza in Tekken 7

Unfortunately, there’s no way to unlock Eliza by playing the game. You can try playing the game through and through on any difficulty level for however long you want, you just can’t get her in-game, at least, not yet. As we’ve written before, Eliza is a Tekken 7 preorder bonus, and that’s the only way you can get her right now.

It doesn’t matter whether you preordered the standard version or the Deluxe Edition. Either way, you’ll get the code for unlocking Eliza. If you’re having trouble unlocking her, try and wait until Tekken 7 launches, that should solve the problem. It’s also important to mention that Tekken 7 DLC is region-locked. In other words, if you have two accounts in different regions, and you purchase DLC for one of them, it won’t work on the other. That could be what’s causing the mix-up.

Tekken 7 Eliza DLC – When Can I Buy?

Fortunately for all of you that haven’t preordered, you will still be able to play as Eliza. She was also planned as a paid DLC, so don’t worry, you can get her. Pre-ordering was a way to get her for free, but she’s not locked from you permanently. However, you will have to wait a month before Eliza becomes available for purchase, as you can see in the conversation from the Tekken 7 EU Facebook page.

Eliza DLC Tekken 7 How to Unlock

Eliza is a thousand-year-old vampire that seems to have some sleep disorder. She climbed into her coffin with the intention to take a nap, and ended up sleeping for hundreds of years. Once she woke up, her vampiric powers were depleted. She enters the tournament seeking to feed on the blood of a spiritually powerful creature, since normal blood doesn’t seem to be working.

Now, Eliza is a fairly mid-range character. But, she does have a special Blood Gauge bar, which fills up whenever you sleep or damage the opponent. Yes, you can make Eliza take a nap mid-battle. Needless to say, it leaves you wide-open to attack, even though you can block. It’s worth it, though, because filling up your Blood Gauge allows you to perform a really powerful strike that deals a ton of damage.

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  1. L
    Luis Solis

    So since I got the collector’s edition and redeemed my voucher for Eliza I technically can’t use her right away I have to wait 30 days for the initial release to actually use her?

    1. N

      Nah, I was able to use her on release date, although was with preorder.

  2. L
    Lukas Salada

    It’s been 30 days. Where is she, exactly? She’s not on the store.

  3. S

    Guys Can Yall Help me my Redeem Product on PS4 isnt Working even the game isnt opened yet?? pls guys help me pls

    1. L

      Sounds like something that only their support can deal with. Check their support and submit a request ticket, good luck with the redeem :C

  4. A

    I just got an item for eliza but i dont have her so why is that possible ??

  5. S

    Same problem here. Redeemed day one voucher for Eliza but she does not show up in fighter list.

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