Tekken 8 Teaser Revealed After Tekken 7 Ending Credits

Ardent fans have already beaten Tekken 7’s story mode. However, after putting the full stop on the Mishima saga, they’ve discovered something exciting. When you beat Akuma in the special chapter, and sit through the ending credits, you’re rewarded with a special cutscene. A secret ending, if you will, and a Tekken 8 teaser.

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tekken 8 teaser
Tekken 8 teaser

Tekken 7 secret ending

Nobody ever doubted that Tekken will continue after the seventh game, not even for a second. However, when the developers announced that this game will bring an end to the Mishima saga, most people were baffled. Where would the series go after this? What will a Tekken without Heihachi look like?

Thankfully, the devs have decided to give us a glimpse of the future. When you beat the Instant Carnage special chapter, you’ll get to see a secret ending, one that hints at things to come.

The cinematic opens with a panorama of the ruined city. Alisa, Lars and Lee are standing on a rooftop, discussing the future. Lars says Jin’s the one who sent the world to hell, and that it falls on him to bring it back. All three turn around, and the camera slowly pans to Jin walking out of the shadows. He says he accepts the burden of killing Kazuya, since the blood of the devil flows through his veins. Glowing sigils appear on his forehead, and the camera fades to black. An Oscar Wilde quote about not forgiving one’s parents shows up.

The next game is going to see Jin hunting down Kazuya, that much is clear. But what about other characters? The other three from the teaser will probably show up as well – Lars, Leo and Alisa. We don’t know anything besides that, and the developers aren’t going to announce anything anytime soon – not as long as Tekken 7 is still hot. If you have any theories of your own, feel free to share them in the comments.

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  1. N

    Thank u for sharing this article, and can u plz tell what is the specifications of Tekken 8 to play on PC.

    1. P

      @Neil it just a teaser.

    2. D
      Declan McWilliams

      There more liable to bring the game out on PC, PS4 & Xbox but all you can do is wait.

  2. G

    It will be great if they improve the character’s animations, interactions and graphics rather than adding more moves or features

  3. B

    I hope the next game will be longer, in terms of story and character roster, customiz…. basically everything… I really missed the classic individual story and ending for all the characters.

  4. C

    Heihachi is my favorite character story wise, law being my fav fighting wise (and the fact that hes based of the legend of bruce lee)
    im done if they continue with out Hei and pull a Michelle killing him off for good after resurrection him twice before, i honestly think Hei is too popular to just kill off for good, ill let it pass if they put Hei down as a side character and resurrect Kazumi in story because shes the most interesting character and every fan says she was a let down for being a back story only, but actually bringing her back because hei was tossed in the same volcano that is her stage for the arcade mode, Tekken 8 story could be 1 of 2 ways, first being Heihachi’s life energy brings Kazumi back from the dead in devil form fast enough to save him before hei hits the lava (she can fly)

    the 2nd possible way is Heihachi does die hits the lava and by doing so his life energy releases in the volcano to bring Kazumi back,
    ether way akuma fails to do his job so Kazumi might do it her self, plus just about every fan is screaming for the iron fist tournament to return but it be awesome to be run by devil Kazumi instead of jin or Heihachi

    also every fan is wanting a story that involves every other character but jin, kazuya and lars (i hate lars kuma and panda)
    and if im being honest, in fighting style wise law would beat all of them if he didnt hang out with pauls corny ass, nothing against paul hes awesome but he turned law into a comedy act, what the F happen to forest did he die after T 4, id bring back forest with a slightly different Chinese fighting style (as law is based off bruce lee that is Chinese)

  5. J

    My fav?

    The panda 🙂

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