Evil Within 2 All Mysterious Objects - Where to Find Them?

Mysterious objects in Evil Within 2 are a collectible. They can be found at different points in the game, up until the very end. They don’t do much in and off themselves. However, finding them all earns you the Silver Trophy All in the Family. We’ll give you a quick rundown of the Mysterious Objects here. For more detailed instructions, check out our Evil Within 2 Mysterious Object Locations guide.

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Evil Within 2 All Mysterious Objects - Where to Find Them
Evil Within 2 Mysterious Objects – Where to Find Them?

Mysterious Objects Locations in Evil Within 2

The locations of the eight Evil Within 2 Mysterious Objects are spread all across the game, and fairly unevenly at that. Three of them are in Chapter 3, for example. Chapters 6, 7, 12, 13, and 17 each have only one. So, yes, there are chapters that have no Mysterious Objects at all. To collect them all, you’ll have to play the game all the way through. Once you find one, you can view them in Sebastian’s Room.

The Mysterious Mask is in one of the train cars in the west of the Residential Area. The Mysterious Machine can be found in a red truck at the Tredwell Trucking warehouse. A Mysterious Weapon Replica is on one of the rooftops of the Residential Area. In Chapter 6, there’s a Bobblehead between some crates after you defeat The Watcher. An Action Figure is not far from the corpse of a Mobius operative in the Union Business District (Chapter 7). Check the upstairs of the house you wake up in to find the Mysterious Trophy in Chapter 12. Chapter 13 hides a Mug that you can pick up in Sanctuary Hotel, at the reception. Finally, there’s a Mysterious Toy in the final chapter. It’s in Sebastian’s house, in the living room, on a shelf, surrounded by a bunch of junk on display.

What are Evil Within 2 Mysterious Objects?

Noticing something very familiar about these Mysterious Objects? No, you’re eyes aren’t deceiving you. They are Easter Eggs; more specifically, little objects that reference other Bethesda games. For example, the Mysterious Mask is Corvo’s mask from Dishonored. The Mysterious Machine is a Panzerhund from Wolfenstein, the Bobblehead is from Fallout, the Weapon Replica is from Quake, and so on. There’s also objects from Doom, Prey, and even the first Evil Within. Yeah, the whole thing is pretty cheesy, but also kinda fun.

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