Evil Within 2 Red Gel Locations

Red Gel in Evil Within 2 is a new upgrade item in the game. They’re required to unlock some higher-level abilities in the skill tree. Jars of Red Gel in Evil Within 2 are scattered across the game. They’re fairly rare, and the developers made sure to hide them relatively well. Makes sense, considering that Evil Within 2 Red Gel is incredibly important if you want to level up Sebastian as far as possible. When you use the first one, you’ll get the You Got Red in You achievement.

Evil Within 2 Red Gel Locations
Evil Within 2 Red Gel Locations

Red Gel in Evil Within 2 – Where to Find Them?

You can find jars of Red Gel scattered around the STEM world in Evil Within 2. The very first one you run into is during Chapter 3 – Resonances. AS you explore, you’ll eventually arrive to a house with a green door and a weird-looking shimmer surrounding it. Once inside, you’ll need to look at the TV in the living room, which will transport you into a flashback from the first game. Eventually, you’ll arrive at a wheelchair with a photographic slide, and you’ll be transported back into the living room. The jar of Red Gel will now be there. Another one you can find is in the west side of the Union town, in one of the Train Cars.

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In case you’re not up to speed, we’ll explain what Red Gel is in Evil Within 2. If you’ve played the first game, you’re already familiar with the Green Gel. You need to collect it, because that’s how you unlock skills in the skill tree. However, a closer look at the skill tree in the sequel reveals that some of them are locked. That’s what you need to spend Red Gel on. To unlock any skill that’s behind the padlock symbol, you’ll have to use Red Gel. In other words, Red Gel is incredibly important, and you’ll want to get it whenever you can.

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