The Evil Within 2 gameplay trailer reveals the race against time

Troubles really won’t leave Sebastian Castellanos, the protagonist of The Evil Within, alone. After the Beacon Mental Hospital, a terrifying experience that caused him to lose his job as well as his mind. And he has very little time to do what must be done.

As if the horrors he survived were not enough, his daughter lost her life in a tragic fire-related accident. However, the game poses a question whether this really happened and nudges Sebastian towards a nightmare there might be no escape from.

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The Evil Within is promising a skill tree consisting of five categories, divided into active and passive ones. These include health, stealth, combat, recovery and athleticism and will require Green Gel for upgrades. Weapons will no longer be using Green Gel like in the original and you will have to find weapon parts to upgrade them. Weapon parts can increase firepower, ammo capacity, reload and fire rate. Crafting will be there as well, allowing you to craft on the go for more resources, or at workbenches for less.

The game is reportedly more survival- and exploration-focused than its predecessors, which should work in its benefit, as the original had some boring parts and stealth was not its stronger suit.

The release date is closing, October 14th in US and EU (16th in Australia), and the gaming world could use a great mainstream horror title from the creator of Resident Evil. Hopefully, it is time to bring back the magic.

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