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Evil Within 2 files are one of the collectibles you can find in the game. Some of them are pretty well-hidden; you’ll need to scavenge through the area to find all forty. Even at the start, you can miss one important journal, and never collect them all. Our guide will show you where to find all Evil Within 2 files locations, including screenshots and maps.

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The Evil Within 2 File Locations GuideNote: This guide is a work in progress; we’ll update it as soon as we get more information.

Where to find files, letters, journals, photos, emails

The first one you can get is the photo of William Baker. When you find the photoshoot of a man being shot in the, you should turn left and head into the dark room. You’ll find the photo next to the sink. The next file can be found once you go up the white staircase in the lobby. Turn right, then left under the gate. You’ll find the letter on a table.When you run into the dead body in the art gallery, go through the white door. Turn right and go into the dark passage. Follow the corridor until you find a table with the photo on it. After you escape the the giant monster with the circular saw, leave the bedroom and turn left into the library. There’s a journal on the cabinet.As you leave the house, Sebastian will pull out a photo of his family, which will count towards your file total. The next one is a pamphlet about Union, which you can get in the city’s residential area. It’s in the tourist center next to the church, sitting on a counter. Look for a workbench in the same building, in a room with a residual memory. You’ll find Turner’s communication log there. If you climb the roof of the building to thet west of it, you can get another file. You can also get the broken sniper rifle.While you’re exploring the western part of town, you can grab the disposal request file from an office near the train tracks. When you reach the safehouse in the northern area, make sure you grab the folder about recruits from the counter.If you follow the road south from the safehouse, there’s a particular house on the western side of the road where you can get another journal. It’s on the dining room table. There’s also a garage in the northeast of the residential area you should check out. Once you’re there, look for a gurney with a manila envelope on it.One of the large buildings in the west has a machine room – if you visit it, you can grab a document about core displacement. When you reach the Marrow, look for a science lab in the northeast. Interact with the computer to get the Union growth email.
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