Evil Within 2 How to Get Red Gel

Red Gel in Evil Within 2 is an upgrade item you can get in the game. These items are pretty important, and not very easy to get. You’ll need Red Gel in order to progress down certain skill trees. Since they’re so important, and not just out in the open, we’ve made our guide on how to get Red Gel in Evil Within 2.

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Evil Within 2 How to Get Red Gel - Locations
Evil Within 2 How to Get Red Gel
Note: This guide is a work in progress. We’ll keep updating it with new information as we uncover it.

Where to find Red Gel in Evil Within 2?

One of the Red Gel can be found during Chapter 3, in the mission called Resonances. You’ll have to use your communicator to “track down the source of the girl’s voice”. As you explore the cul-de-sac, keep heading north from O’Neal’s Safe House. If you keep your eye to the right, you’ll notice a white house with a green door, with a long, cracked, paved driveway. What sets it apart is that there’s a strange shimmer around the house, almost like a membrane surrounding it. Take out your communicator and lock-on on the Unknown Resonance. After that, go inside the house.As you search the house, you’ll come across a TV set in the living room. Watching it will transport you into a scene from the first Evil Within. Play through the sequence until you find the mirror that has “You cannot keep me here” scrawled in blood on it. Then, go down the corridor, approach the wheelchair, and pick up the slide. You’ll then be transported back into the house with the unknown resonance. However, there’ll be a corpse with you in the room, with a jar of Red Gel next to it. While you’re in Union city, make sure you thoroughly check the train cars in the western part of town. The northernmost one hides a jar of red gel, next to a body with a residual memory at the northern end of the car. It’s guarded by a handful of enemies, so be careful. There’s one canister in the safehouse in the City Hall area, right next to the mirror. Another one can be found in the Marrow safehouse, on the couch near Yukiko’s desk. You don’t have to worry about missing these, as you can pick them up on multiple occasions.You can also grab one canister in chapter 8, just before you confront Stefano. Once you’re done with the stealth section, the one where you have to hide from the eye in the sky, you’ll find the red gel in the dark room.
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