Evil Within 2 Sniper Rifle Weapon Location Guide

The Sniper Rifle in Evil Within 2 is one of the weapons you can get in the game. It allows you to deal with enemies from a safe distance. You can find it fairly early in the game Obtaining it is fairly simple, but it does require a bit of exploration of the Residential Area in Chapter 3. Our guide on the Sniper Rifle location in Evil Within 2 will help you on your way.

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How to Get Sniper Rifle in Evil Within 2?

The first step to get the Sniper Rifle weapon in Evil Within 2 is to find the Broken Sniper Rifle. At the start of Chapter 3, as you come out of the Safe House in the Residential Area, look to your left. You’ll notice a two-story building with a brick facade. There’s a staircase on the right side that you need to climb. There, you’ll find a set of yellow ladders that lead to the roof, so keep going up. Once on the roof, turn left and walk to the edge. You’ll notice the corpse of a Mobius operative next to the shiny Broken Sniper Rifle.

Where to Find Parts & Fix Sniper Rifle in Evil Within 2?

The Sniper Rifle Parts are hidden away in a tool shed. The tool shed is in the northwest corner of the Residential Area map. Head north down the road next to the building where you found the Broken Sniper Rifle. If you look at the map, you’ll see a T-shaped building up there. The tool shed is right behind it. There will be some enemies around the shed, so be on your guard. When you get inside, look to your right. The Sniper Rifle Parts are lying on the table. Now that you have everything you need to fix the weapon, you need a workbench. Luckily for you, the table where the parts are is, in fact, a workbench. Use it to repair the gun, and enjoy your new Sniper Rifle.
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