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Photographic Slides in Evil Within 2 is one of several collectibles that you can find in the game. These little photos serve to give you little bits and pieces of the characters’ backstories and the game’s overall lore. Also, you get a lot of Green Gel for viewing them through the slide projector in Sebastian’s Room. Since the bonuses this collectible gives are pretty good, we’ve put together out guide on where to find photographic slides locations in Evil Within 2.

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Evil Within 2 Photographic Slides Locations
Evil Within 2 Photographic Slides Locations
Note: This guide is a work in progress. We’ll add more information as we discover it.

Where to Find Photographic Slides?

The first photographic slide in Evil Within 2 is located in Sebastian’s Room, the office you spawn in as chapter 2 starts. You’ll find it on the desk next to the projector, and the cat with the red bow. You won’t find the second one until you’re deep in Union City. It’s in a house in the eastern part of the residential area, hidden under a journal on a dining table.Another slide can be obtained during the hospital section that takes place after you enter the TV that’s tuned to a dead channel. It’s on the seat of a wheelchair. Afterwards, you can get one in the Marrow, during chapter 6. You’ll find a projector playing back an argument between Myra and Sebastian. Once the video is over, you’ll find the slide next to the device. Once you arrive to the business district, head south to the Juke Diner. Go into the back, and you’ll find a dead body in a plastic chair. Take the slide from it after you play the residual memory.
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