Evil Within 2 How to Open B-34 Door with Union Security Card in Auto Repair Shop

In Evil Within 2 there’s door B-34 written on them that require a pass code and you might struggle to open them. You’ll encounter it during chapter 3, in the basement of the auto repair shop of the residential area of Union. There’s a keypad that unlocks it, and you need to figure out the correct keycode. There’s a hint nearby, but it’s fairly easy to miss. The whole area is connected to a side mission called Rogue Signal. In order to help you get past that nasty obstacle, we’ve prepared a guide showing how to open B-34 door in Evil Within 2.

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evil within 2 how to open door b-34
Evil Within 2 How to Open B-34 Door

Rogue Signal, Auto Repair Shop circuit breaker code and getting to B-34 door

You get Rogue Signal side mission almost as soon as you take a step into Union’s residential area at the beginning of The Evil Within 2 Chapter 3. Once you investigate the first Rogue Signal you will get two more. One of them is in the western part of the city in the Auto Repair Shop. Just follow the map marker and you will get to hear what one of the Mobius agents is up to and that he locked something bellow the Shop. There is a circuit breaker he was messing with that you can investigate. Pull the second and fourth switch to get electricity. This will release a Hysteric, which is a pretty nasty enemy and you will need two sneak attacks to kill it. Interact with the Auto Lift switch, now that you have power, and this will lift the car and reveal a hatch. Enter it and watch another Residual memory. Following the tunnel you will arrive at the B-34 door and see that it requires you to input a pass code.

evil within 2 auto repair shop circuit code b34 door
Auto Repair Shop Circuit breaker combination

How to use the Union Security Card to figure B-34 door keycode?

The keypad requires a four digit access code and to figure it out you need the Union Security Card. It is found on a nearby fallen Mobius operative, found just right of the door, next to a couple of green barrels and snarling Lost. It shows a grid of authentication codes for secure Mobius locations. Once you’ve got it, go to the keypad and interact with it. Sebastian will pull the card out alongside the pad, and let you see the grid.

There’s a chance the solution is randomized, so here’s how to get to it: look at the numbers at the door. It says B-34. The answer is to input the numbers from column B, row 3 and 4. In our case, the keypad combination was 9676. It turns out the room is an ammo/part cache – you’ll find some weapons parts (both regular and high grade ones), a medkit and a handful of pistol bullets.

The Evil Within 2 allows you to experience and discover all sorts of interesting side stories that usually lead to useful loot. Rogue Signal side mission and getting past B34 door is exactly the type of thing the sequel does so well; rewards exploration.
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