Evil Within 2 Operating Table Keypad Combination - How to Get Unity Chip

The Unity cerebral chip is a key item in The Evil Within 2. It’s used to fool a security door into letting Sebastian through, even though he isn’t one of The Boys. In order to get it, you’ll need to turn on a machine that will operate on a late Mobius operative and extract the chip from his brain. The machine is locked with a keycode, though, and the code itself is easy to miss. This guide is going to show you where to find the Evil Within 2 operating table keypad combination, so you can get the chip and progress further.

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evil within 2 operating table keypad combination
Evil Within 2 Operating Table Keypad Combination – How to Get Unity Chip

Where to find Unity Cerebral Chip?

evil within 2 unity cerebral chip locationAs we’ve mentioned, you’ll have to drill into the skull of a deceased Mobius operative in order to get the chip. The soldier’s body is located in Lab 3, in the eastern portion of the Marrow. Once you’ve found the body, you’ll need the keycode to start the machine and extract the chip, but at least you know where it is now.

Where to find operating table keycode in chapter 11?

evil within 2 extraction device activation codeIf you’re not big on collectibles, you might easily miss the solution. It’s hidden in a particular file. The file in question is called Computer File: Operative Case, and it can be found on the computer in the operating room. It describes the situation with Mobius operatives and the Lost Phenomenon, and if you scroll down to the end, you’ll also find the keycode for the extraction device. In our case, it was 0128, but it could be randomized, so you better check the file. If you’ve already picked it up, you can inspect it from your inventory.
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