Evil Within 2 How Long to Beat - Average Playtime

The Evil Within 2 launches today, on Friday, October 13th. Like its predecessor, the game is a mix of survival horror and a third-person, over-the-shoulder action game. Since the game has started slowly releasing through time zones, players have been wondering how long Evil Within 2 lasts. Well, that’s going to depend heavily on your playstyle, the difficulty you’re playing on, how many collectibles you’re out to get, etc. That said, here are the average playtimes of Evil Within 2.

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Evil Within 2 How Long to Beat - Casual, Survival, 100%
Evil Within 2 How Long to Beat

How Long is Evil Within 2?

There are several sections in Evil Within 2. There’s several open areas, which you can explore more or less freely. The main meat of the game, however, are the 17 chapters. These aren’t as open, but there’s still quite a bit of stuff to forage for, such as files, weapons, photographic slides, locker keys, and so on. Since there’s a bunch of collectibles, your playtime can vary drastically, depending on how much you insist on getting everything. Another major factor is, of course, the difficulty setting you’re playing on. Playing on Casual will let you pretty much breeze through the game, while Nightmare will take careful planning, resource management, etc.

If you’re playing on Casual Mode, and aren’t too focused on finding every little hidden item, you can probably complete the game in about ten or so hours. If you set out to collect all the stuff strewn about in the game, you’ll get about fifteen hours of gameplay. On Survival Mode, which is basically normal difficulty, you can expect to get about twenty hours out of Evil Within 2. Again, this depends on how closely you explore (and, naturally, your gaming skills). Finally, there’s Nightmare Mode. If you choose to play on this difficulty, you’ll have much fewer resources, and enemies will be way harder to kill. As a result, you’ll have to be patient and careful. All in all, expect to get well over twenty hours on this mode. These are only estimates. Your mileage will vary depending on your playstyle and how much time you devote to uncovering everything the game has to offer.

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