Evil Within 2 Where to Find Photographic Slides

Photographic slides in Evil Within 2 are a collectible that you can find while exploring Union. They don’t give you any upgrades or particular bonuses. They do, however, give you more info about the game’s universe. The Evil Within 2 Photographic Slides locations can be pretty obvious sometimes, while others can be really tough to find. Once you have a slide, you go into Sebastian’s room through a broken mirror and view them on the projector.

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Evil Within 2 Where to Find Photographic Slides
Evil Within 2 Where to Find Photographic Slides

Locations of Evil Within 2 Twelve Photographic Slides

Like other collectibles in Evil Within 2, all twelve Photographic Slides are all over the game. Some of them you can’t miss, while others will require you to look carefully. For example, the first slide is in Sebastian’s Room, right next to the slide projector. The game kinda hands you this one, to show you how they work. From then on, they’ll pretty much be somewhere in Union. Another one is in a flashback scene, on a wheelchair in the hospital. One more can be found in the Business District, in the Juke Diner. It’s important to note that the slides aren’t spread equally across chapters; some will have up to three, while others will have none.

Now, what exactly are these Photographic Slides in Evil Within 2? Well, they give you bits and pieces of character backstory and help round out the game’s world a little more. Whenever you find a slide, you can look at them in Sebastian’s Room, suing the slide projector. The game will give you an option to talk to Kidman about the image you’re currently viewing. You should do that every time, for two reason. The first reason is that Sebastian will tell Kidman the story behind the current slide. Reason two would be that this earns you the Chatting with Kidman trophy.

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