Evil Within 2 Where to Find Locker Key Statues

Locker Keys are a collectible in The Evil Within 2. There are many of them that you can find as you play through the game. Some are going to be pretty easy to find, while others will require some deep digging in dark corners. We’re going to mention a couple of locker keys here. Our guide on Evil Within 2 Locker Key Statue locations has many more of them, with detailed instructions, so check it out.

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Evil Within 2 Where to Find Locker Key Statues
Evil Within 2 Where to Find Locker Key Statues

Locker Key Locations in Evil Within 2

Since there’s a total of 32 lockers, the keys can be found all over the place. However, the statues that the keys are hidden in can be in some pretty hard-to-find places sometimes. On the other hand, some of the statues are in plain sight, it’s a mixed bag. The location of the first statue is not far away from O’Neal’s Safe House, at the start of Chapter 3. It’s sitting on a bench not far from a white van. Another can be found on a porch to the northwest. In the church, a statue is hiding near the dead body where the preacher stands. If you visit the train graveyard to the west, make sure to inspect the white van there.

If you’ve just found your first locker key, you might be wondering what exactly to do with it. Well, if you’ve visited Nurse Tatiana’s treatment area, you might have noticed that there’s a bunch of lockers in there. Every key you find opens one locker. You can choose to open whichever locker you want. Inside, you’ll find some minor, but still very useful items. It can be anything, from bullets, to syringes, weapon parts, gunpowder, green gel, that kind of stuff. It seems that the rewards you get from lockers are randomized, so you never know what you might get. It might not seem like much, but it sure can be if you end up missing that little bit of ammo.

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