The Last Guardian Cinematic Trailer Released

Sony have released a brand new trailer for The Last Guardian. Sadly, it doesn’t contain any gameplay footage whatsoever – the whole thing is pre-rendered.
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That aside, it shows us how Trico, the cat-eagle monster, and the protagonist meet for the first time. Scroll down to watch the video and hear some info directly from Fumito Ueda, the creative director on the project.

The boy is chased by a group of animated suits of armor. He ends up walking a rotten plank in the ruins, high above the ground. The monster appears across the gap and the boy makes a leap of faith. He grabs the monster’s tail, and they walk away from his pursuers. It’s not much, but it sets the tone for their relationship.

One of Sony’s community managers had a chat with Ueda. Here’s what the famed director had to say about the inspiration behind Trico:
Trico is a hybrid of sorts, a mixture of a cat, a dog, a bird, and the like. It might represent a motif. When I was younger, I grew up in a home that had a bunch of animals. My experiences with them are great memories that I still have. In creating Trico, I didn’t really have to do any specific research because it’s a creature that obviously doesn’t exist. But it’s really all based on my childhood memories, the way I interacted with the animals, the way they reacted to me.
They’ve also talked about games that inspired Ueda. Some of them are obvious answers, given his creative output, but there is a surprising twist in his answer:
There are some games that have opened my eyes and influenced me in big ways. Prince of Persia is one, and Another World. This may come as a surprise, but Virtua Fighter is another… What they all have in common is the intricacy of the animation. I’m always curious in finding ways that animation can help breathe new life into characters — that’s an element that will always appeal to me.
The Last Guardian is going to be released on Playstation 4 come December 6th.

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