How to Exit Supermarket in Jackson Patrol chapter - The Last of Us 2

How to get out of the supermarket in Last of Us 2 Jackson Patrol chapter is something you’ll have to figure out and remember well, because you’ll have to use the same mechanic later on in the game, with little to no prompting. Figuring out how to leave the last of us 2 Jackson Patrol supermarket isn’t difficult at all, but it might stump those that haven’t been paying attention. If you’re one such person, then our How to Exit Supermarket in Jackson Patrol in Last of Us 2 guide is the right place for you.

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How to Exit Supermarket in Jackson Patrol in Last of Us 2

Last of Us 2 Jackson Patrol Chapter Supermarket – How to Exit?

To exit the supermarket in the Jackson Patrol chapter in The Last of Us 2, the first step is to try the roller shutter door. That won’t budge, but Dina will mention the hole in the roof. There’s a vent above that can hold your weight, but how does one get all the way up there? Well, if you look to your left, there’s a large green box of sorts (possibly some kind of fridge) lying near the Bread & Sweets section.

Approach it and press Triangle. Dina and Ellie will pull out a length of cord from underneath. With the cord in your hands, turn towards the vent and hold L2 to aim. Make sure that the arc of the throw goes over the vent, then press R2 to fling the cord over it. Make sure to remember this mechanic, because this is absolutely not the last time that you’ll be using it.

When you get the cable into position on the vent, Dina will run over and climb up. Once she’s up there, walk to the cable yourself and press X to grab on, then climb to the top. Find Dina on the roof and follow her down the roof. Get on your horse and ride off into the snowstorm, which is only going to get worse. Your troubles are very much far from over, but at least you’re out of the supermarket.

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