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The bow is one of the weapons you’ll get to use in The Last of Us II. It’s part of Ellie’s arsenal, and the good news is it’s almost impossible to miss. The bad news is that it shows up later than you’d expect, given how prominent it was in the game’s marketing materials. This is why so many people are wondering where to find bow in Last of Us 2, and why we’ve decided to write a guide revealing its exact location.

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Where to find bow in The Last of Us II?

You can find the bow in Hillcrest, the first are of chapter Seattle Day 2. It’s in a house in the residential district. Once you reach the cul-de-sac, pass the burned down house and jump over the wooden fence. You’ll find yourself in the back yard of a house with a white pergola and a hot tub. That’s the house you’re looking for. Go inside and head left, into the kitchen. Go through the hole in the door, into the garage. You’ll get ambushed by a zombie. After you’ve managed to defend yourself, you’ll find the bow on the zombie’s body.

You’ll get a handful of arrows from the corpse’s quiver too, along with the recipe that allows you to craft them yourself. As soon as you exit the garage, you’ll enter a makeshift shooting range, and a short tutorial will show you how to make good use of your newfound tool.

It’s a really useful weapon, one that is both long range and silent, which is a rare combination. If you take it to a workbench, you’ll be able to install three upgrades – a rangefinder, one that improves your draw speed and one that increases stability. Once you’ve spent enough scavenged parts on it, it’ll truly turn into one of the best weapons in the game.

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