The Last of Us 2 Coin Locations - Numismatist Trophy

Coins are a type of collectible in The Last of Us II. They’re not just regular currency – they’re commemorative coins from different states. They’re only found in the latter half of the game, so if you haven’t run into any yet – don’t worry, you will. Each one is stamped with the state’s name, a date and an image, and finding all 32 of them, you’ll unlock the Numismatist trophy. That’s pretty much all the value they have, but if you’re a completionist, you’ll want that trophy. If you end up having trouble finding some of them, this guide will show you all The Last of Us 2 coin locations.

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tlou2 coin locations numismatist trophy

The Last of Us 2 Coin list

The Last of Us 2 Coin Locations – Numismatist Trophy
Coin Name:Chapter Location
VirginiaThe Park – Tracking Lesson
Seattle Day 1
AlaskaThe Stadium
MaineThe Stadium
New JerseyThe Stadium
VermontThe Stadium
KentuckyOn Foot
MassachusettsOn Foot
OhioOn Foot
IndianaOn Foot
CaliforniaThe Forward Base
New MexicoThe Forward Base
South CarolinaThe Forward Base
North DakotaHostile Territory
AlabamaThe Coast
West VirginiaThe Coast
UtahThe Coast
MississippiThe Coast
Seattle Day 2
NevadaThe Shortcut
ColoradoThe Shortcut
IllinoisThe Descent
OregonThe Descent
WisconsinThe Descent
Rhode IslandThe Descent
MissouriThe Descent
WashingtonGround Zero
HawaiiGround Zero
Seattle Day 3
KansasThe Marina
LouisianaThe Marina
IdahoThe Island
North CarolinaThe Island
MontanaThe Island
ArkansasThe Escape

The Park coin locations – Tracking Lesson

The Park is the first chapter where you get to play as Abby, if we don’t count the short introduction she got in the beginning. There’s only one coin in the entire chapter, and it servers as a primer – it’s hard to miss, and it introduces the idea that you should keep your eyes open in case you happen upon a shiny round object in the debris.

1. At one point, you’ll enter a bathroom, and leave it through a tiny window. In the next area with the wire fence, you’ll find the Virginia coin on a movable dumpster. It’s hard, if not impossible, to miss it.

Seattle Day 1 coin locations – Last of Us 2

This is the biggest of the Abby chapters, and the one with the largest, most open maps. That’s partly what makes the collectibles here easy to miss. The coins appear in five of the sub-chapters, and there’s sixteen of them in total. If you don’t want to worry whether you’ve missed any because you didn’t break every window and shine your flashlight into every corner, their locations are listed below.

The Stadium

2. As you leave your room 203 and venture into the inner stadium area, look to the left. Next to a pile of wood, on the ground, you’ll find the Alaska coin.

3. Next to the stairs, in the washing section of the stadium, on the edge of a table, you’ll find the Maine coin.

4. As you are about to leave the central part of the stadium and enter a dark hallway, look to your right, and under a picture of a dog is the New Jersey coin.

5. After the shooting range, you’ll enter the part of the building with a “Dock 5” sign on the wall on your left. Find a metal closet in a corner here, and you’ll also find the Vermont coin.

On Foot

6. At the beginning, as you enter a dark warehouse, go to your right toward the corner. The Kentucky coin is on the table.

7. From the greenhouse entrance, continue forward toward the table with a card reading device. This is the location of the Massachusetts coin.

8. At the point where you should use a long ladder to get on the boat, pick up said ladder and place it toward the wall. On top of the platform, on a table is the Ohio coin.

9. As you leave the boat house, you are about to pass by a trailer on your left. Go inside to find the Indiana coin.

The Forward Base

10. The first Forward Base coin is the California coin. You can find it in the parking lot of the base, up the few stairs and to the right, just behind the small bunch of soldiers chatting next to a truck.

11. The second coin in the Seattle Day 1 Forward Base chapter is right after the check-in booth. Circle around to the left towards the portajohns, and look for the New Mexico coin on the left, on a crate, next to the sitting soldier.

12. The third and final coin in this chapter, South Dakota, is in the building that the guy smoking a cigarette lets you in when you tell him you’re looking for Isaac. As soon as you enter the building, turn left and inspect the far left corner of the series of tables.

Hostile Territory

13. After you go through the fabric store, you’ll find yourself on a new street. Find a truck to climb on so you can enter the building’s upper floor where the North Dakota coin is hiding.

The Coast

14. Alabama – When you climb onto the highway, turn away from the Ferris wheel and look for a body near the rubble. It’ll be next to it.

15. West Virginia – On the mezzanine deck of the ferry, in a corner with a bunch of luggage.

16. Utah – On the sun deck of the ferry, go into the further bridge room – the one with the dead captain. Climb up the ladder and turn around, then look for it behind the first pillar.

17. Mississippi – In the fountain in front of the aquarium.

All Seattle Day 2 coins – The Last of Us II

Seattle Day 2 is relatively short, especially compared to the previous chapter. It’s the one where you go around looking for medical supplies and make new friends. Three of the four sub-chapters in it contain hidden coins, so don’t let your guard down. The section below will list all of them, in order of appearance.

The Shortcut

18. Nevada – In the cash register of the barber shop at the bottom of the cascading waterfalls.

19. Colorado – On the awning outside the blue building across the street from the Interbay building. Climb into the apartment, coming from Interbay, then go right towards the display cases, and you’ll see a hole that lets you get onto the awning.

The Descent coin locations in TLOU2

20. The first coin in The Descent is right at the beginning of the level. Dive into the left side of the pool and find the coin on top of the air filter. It’s the Illinois coin.

21. Next up, there’s the Oregon coin. Head through and down the building, keeping your eyes peeled for room 1107. Hop across the gap into the room. Look for the coin on the small shelf on the right.

22. Keep going until you enter the elevator shaft. Drop down to the fourth floor and squeeze through the doors. Smash the vending machine on your left, and the Wisconsin coin will drop through the coin slot.

23. When you walk out into the fresh air again, head to the large outdoor bar area on your left. In the left corner and behind the counter is where you’ll find the Rhode Island coin. Check the whole counter while your at it for some extra stuff.

24. As you enter the courtyard of Lakehill Seattle Hospital, head immediately to the right. Enter the building through the broken windows. Keep an eye out on the top left corner to find the Missouri coin.

Ground Zero

25. Washington – In the cash register of the cafe before you cross the sky-way while following Nora.

26. Hawaii – In the parking attendant’s booth in the parking garage. Break the glass to get it.

TLOU2 Seattle Day 3 coin locations

Seattle Day 3 comes as your time with Abby nears its end. It’s not a big chapter, and there’s only a handful of coins in it, scattered about three of the four subchapters. The accent here is on conflict and story instead of exploration, which makes going back to look for collectibles you’ve missed tiresome. If you want to grab them all on your first run, the list below will show you where they are.

The Marina

27. The first coin in the Marina is right at the beginning of the chapter. There’s a platform you can climb up right next to you, so do just that. The Kansas coin is on the ground next to the section of fence that goes in a semicircle.

28. Proceed through the level until you come across Lenora St. Station. Before you climb onto the station, go into the corner of the wheelchair ramp. There’s a blue tarp on the left, and the Louisiana coin is on the ground underneath it.

The Island

29. As you climb over the first ladder onto the road above, turn left and go inside a truck to find the Idaho coin.

30. Near the first car that is next to the waterfall, on the ground, is the North Carolina coin.

21. With the help of a carriage you climb inside a building, and after a short cutscene, you should go toward and through the lumber mill. Just before you do so, climb on top of the storage building, that is right across the lumber mill. On the upper floor, close to a window, is the Montana coin.

The Escape

32. At one point, you’re supposed to go under a truck trailer with the Brewery sign. Before doing so, go in front of this truck, and on the ground, next to a trash-filled shopping cart, is the Arkansas coin.

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