The Last of Us 2 'Hillcrest' - Safe, Artifact, Workbench, Trading Card, Journal Entries collectibles locations guide

Hillcrest is an area in The Last of Us II, accessible during the Seattle Day 2 chapter. It’s a mix of commercial and residential district, with lots of tiny buildings and a bunch of collectibles to find in them. If you’re overwhelmed by the sheer number of them, this guide will help you by showing you all TLOU2 Hillcrest collectible locations in Seattle Day 2.

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TLOU2 Hillcrest Collectibles Safe Artifact Workbench Trading Card Journal Entries Locations
Hillcrest collectibles – Safe, Artifact, Workbench, Trading Card, Journal Entries locations

Wachumero Trading Card Location

As soon as you arrive, turn around and drop down into the hole. Approach the brown truck from the passenger side and break the window. You’l find the Wachumero trading card inside.

TLOU2 Hillcrest Collectibles Wachumero
Wachumero Trading Card Location

Join WLF Note Artifact Location

As you leave the hole, pass the second building on the left and go into the alley. Go into the third building using the back entrance, and you’ll find the Join WLF Note artifact on a desk.

Boris’ Daughter’s Drawing Artifact & Workbench Location

If you go into the clothing store by the van, head to the back and look for a hole in the wall. Drop down into the basement, and you’ll find an archery statue and a Boris’ Daughter’s Drawing artifact. There’s also a workbench down there – if you want to find more of these, check out our workbench locations guide.

WLF Journal Entry & Yolanda’s Note Artifact

After you climb on the overturned truck, you’ll see a coffee shop with a tarp next to it. Inspect the tarp to get the F*** the WLF journal entry. Look to the left afterwards, and enter the building next to the cafe. There will be a note on the countertop, which is the Yolanda’s Note artifact.

Need a Plan Note Artifact & Sahir the Sorcerer Trading Card

Continuing even farther to the left, you’ll see a hole with a crate in it. Drop down and use the crate to get to the store. Break the window and jump inside. On the table in the middle, you’ll find an artifact – need a plan note. If you check the pile of boxes in the corner, you’ll also find the Sahir the Sorcerer trading card.

Workbench & Condolence Note Artifact Location

After you go through the red double door and block it, you’ll soon reach an area with a garage that looks like you might be able to climb it, but it’s a smidge too high. Go to the other end of the area and you’ll find a container in an enclosure. Grab it and push it to the garage – once you let go, you’ll have to climb it and the roof quickly, before it rolls away. When you go through the hole in the wall, you’ll find a workbench. Continue into the adjoining office, and you’ll find the Condolence Note artifact on the desk there.

TLOU2 Hillcrest Condolence Note Artefact
Condolence Note Artefact Location

Note in Hillcrest Tattoo Parlor Artifact

After you get out of the bicycle store, head into the tattoo shop next door. The Note in Hillcrest Tattoo Parlor artifact will be on the desk in the back room.

TLOU2 Hillcrest Artifact Tattoo Parlor Note
Note in Hillcrest Tattoo Parlor Artifact

Safe Location

When you get to the auto repair parts shop behind the Tattoo Parlor, you’ll find a locked safe inside. If you need precise instructions on how to get there or where to find the code, check out our Hillcrest Auto Repair Shop safe combination & location guide.

TLOU2 Hillcrest Safe Location Seattle Day 2
Safe Location

Dale’s Combo & Turn In Boris Note Artifact

The next artifact is Dale’s Combo, and it can be found by entering the pet shop across the street from the Tattoo Parlor. Go through the hole in the wall, into the saloon, and you’ll find it pinned to the wall near the entrance to the kitchen. If you head back into the pet shop and break the window in the back, you can hop over the wall and into the locked room. There’s an artifact on the table there called Turn In Boris Note.

TLOU2 Hillcrest Artifact Turn in Boris Note
Turn In Boris Note Artifact Location

Brainstorm Trading Card Location

After you reach the residential area, you’ll find a house with a white pergola and a hot tub in the yard. Approach the the play-house on the left and go around the back, and you’ll find the Brainstorm trading card.

TLOU2 Hillcrest Brainstorm Trading Card
Brainstorm Trading Card Location

Boris’ Confession & Rosemont’s Flyer Artifact

Head into the house, and you’ll find the Boris’ Confession artifact on the coffee table. Go towards the kitchen and you’ll find the Rosemont’s Flyer artifact on the left.

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