The Last of Us 2 'Finding Strings' collectibles - Safe, Artifact, Trading Card locations guide

Finding Strings is one of the sub-chapters in The Last of Us 2, part of the Seattle Day 2 chapter. There are only three collectibles in it – a journal entry, an artifact and a trading card – but missing any of them would require you to go through a long, story-heavy section again. In order to help you avoid that, we’ve written this guide, which will show you all TLOU2 Finding Strings collectible locations in Seattle Day 2.

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Finding Strings Collectible Locations in Seattle Day 2
Finding Strings collectible locations in Seattle Day 2

Journal Entry Location

The first one you’ll find is a journal entry. It’s at the very beginning of the section, in the part where Tommy lets you practice with a scope. After you start the area, look for a cliff on the right. A spot to interact with will appear, and you’ll end up with a new drawing in your journal.

TLOU2 Finding Strings Journal Entry
Journal Entry Location

Austringer Trading Card Location

For the Austringer trading card, you’ll have to wait until you’re all the way down the hill, before you enter the hotel. Head towards the music shop, jump over the trailer and go down into the hole. You’ll find the collectible on the back seat of the car.

Copperstone Inn Note Artifact

In the hotel, after you put on your masks, keep your eyes out for room 107. As soon as you enter it, you’ll see a dresser half-blocking your way. There will be a letter on it, written on hotel stationary, called Copperstone Inn Note.

TLOU2 Finding Strings Collectible Locations
Finding Strings Artifact Location

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