The Last of Us 2 'Seraphites' collectibles - Trading Card, Artifact, Safe, Journal Entries locations guide

Seattle Day 2 Seraphites is a chapter of The Last of Us 2. It’s one of those bigger, open areas, with lots of hidden collectibles and secrets. You might have trouble keeping track of which ones you’ve already gathered and which ones you’re missing. If that’s the case, our TLOU2 Seraphites collectibles locations guide Seattle Day 2 guide will give you what you need.

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TLOU2 Seraphites Safe Trading Card Artefact Workbench Journal Entry
Seraphites Trading Card, Artifact, Safe, Journal Entries Locations

Randy Styles Trading Card & WLF Target List Artifact Location

At the start of the Seraphites, you’ll go through a quarantine area of a hospital. The path will then take you over metal rooftops to the quickmart filled with ingredients, scavenged parts, supplements, etc. In this area, find a wall that has a “Smooth Taste” poster. Just next to it, on a metal shelf, is the Randy Styles trading card (1/6). Farther down the street, you’ll get to Kingsgate Brewing Co. One of the enemies here is hiding the WLF Target List artifact (1/7). Just like in the quickmart, there are many items you can pick up here.

Journal Entry, Husband Artifact & Shift Trading Card

Let’s not continue forward yet. Pan the camera toward the part of the building next to the previously visited quickmart. You’ll see an entrance to the conference center on this side of the street. Go inside and continue forward until you notice the words “Feel her love” written in blood on a wall. If you examine them, you’ll get a journal entry (1/3). Enter the elevator shaft. There is a yellow ladder here that can take you to the upper floor. Climb it and you’ll spot a length of rope next to an armchair. Break the window next to it, and the glass above. This will allow you to throw the rope over the metal bar. Jump down, and climb the rope. In the room above the conference center entrance, you’ll find a bunch of stuff including the Last Letter to Husband artifact (2/7) and the Shift trading card (2/6).

TLOU2 Seraphites Journal Entry Location
Journal Entry

Evacuation Letter artifact, Safe & Star Sign Trading Card Locations

Going down route 5, you’ll get to the end of the street, with a metal gate building on your right. Find a grey truck positioned next to a building. If you climb on top of it, you can then enter the building’s first floor. After you break the window, you’ll find the Evacuation Letter artifact (3/7) on a desk. This letter holds an important clue for the safe (1/2) in the next room. The Star Sign trading card (3/6) is also there, in a nightstand next to the bed.

Workbench & WLF Deserter’s Letter Artifact

Leave the apartment and you’ll find yourself in a part of the building that’s directly above the entrance. Continue forward until you reach the end of a well-supplied apartment, with live tomato plants, water barrels and more. You’ll find the first workbench (1/2) here. After a short fight, the previously locked door will be opened, the one close to the apartment’s entrance. The WLF Deserter’s Letter artifact (4/7) is inside this room, along with a training manual that unlocks Upgrade Branch: Explosives, and a bunch of other stuff.

Journal Entry & Arch-Enemy Trading Card

Go to the building with the large metal gate now. Jump over the red box to go over the gate. Go inside the garage on your right, through the orange door. Move the container with wheels on top of a platform to slide down. Open the metal barrier so that the container can leave the building. Move the container to the other side now, so you can jump over the tall fence. Once you jump down you can unlock two entrances, and continue up the stairs to a lookout platform, where Ellie writes a journal entry (2/3) in her notebook. This is also the platform from which you can proceed to the Seattle Conference Center, go down to its lower floor. Go around the room and look for a breakable window. Go through it, and you’ll find the Arch-Enemy trading card (4/6). It’s a long section of progressing through the building here, and it ends with you finding a way out of the sewer, via a long yellow ladder.

TLOU2 Seraphites Container Puzzle

Journal Entry & Doppelganger Trading Card Locations

Further into the chapter, after you encounter a new type of enemy, after the forest section, you’ll end up in front of the Garden Suites building, close to a checkpoint gate. You’ll find the final journal entry (3/3) next to a bus stop nearby. The Doppelganger trading card (5/6) is inside the Garden Suites. It’s on the upper floor, in the second corner to your left, next to some green toys and a tiny table.

Dying Husband’s Plea Artifact

Go outside through room 201. Go toward the upper floor and break a window into another apartment. Near the computer and a green trash can, there is an artifact – Dying Husband’s Plea (5/7) – along with bunch of supplements and more. You can use the ladder to go from the second floor to the back alley, toward the Fedra Hospital and the forest.

TLOU2 The Seraphites Artefact Document Location
Dying Husband’s Plea artefact

Bhat M’Andarr Trading Card & Pharmacy Note Artifact

After a long section with a lot of enemies, progressing through shop-ladden streets, rooftops and the water, you’ll see Weston’s pharmacy on your left. As soon as you enter it, look to your left, and you’ll see a purple box with the Bhat M’Andarr trading card (6/6) next to it. Around the counter from there, you should find an artifact – Pharmacy Note (6/7) – with a clue for opening the safe.

TLOU2 Seattle Day 2 Seraphites Chapter Trading Card Artefact Location
Bhat M’Andarr trading card, Pharmacy Note artefact

Safe & Workbench Locations

Don’t leave pharmacy yet – find a broken wall between two shelves. Go through this hole to find a hidden room with a safe (2/2). This dark, hidden room, also has a workbench (2/2).

TLOU2 Seraphites Seattle Day 2 Safe Workbench Location
Safe, Workbench

Supply List Artifact

As you get into the hospital, go through an exit door and climb to the upper floor, then into a room with two large sofas. On a desk, next to the sofa is the Hospital Supply List artifact (7/7).

TLOU2 Seraphites Missing Artefact Location
The Seraphites Last Artefact Location

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