The Last of Us 2 'The Forward Base' Artifact, Coins, Workbench locations guide

Seattle Day 1 Forward Base Chapter collectibles in The Last of Us II include Coins, one Artifact, and one Workbench. Some of the coins and other collectibles in The Forward Base in Last of Us 2 Seattle Day 1 are fairly easy to find, but others are much more difficult, and can easily be overlooked. We’re going to show you where to find all the collectibles in our All Forward Base Coin & Artifact Locations – Last of Us Seattle Day 1 guide.

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The Forward Base Collectibles Artifact Coins Workbench Locations Guide
The Forward Base collectibles – Artifact, Coins, Workbench locations

California Coin Location

The first collectible in Seattle Day 1 Forward Base chapter of The Last of Us 2 is the California coin. As soon as the chapter begins, you’ll be in the base’s parking lot. You’ll notice a small gaggle of soldiers in front and to the right of you. Climb up the couple of stairs, and turn towards the fence. The coin is right next to above-mentioned soldiers.

California Coin Location Forward Base Last of Us 2
California Coin Location

New Mexico Coin

Go inside the base, and head left after you check in. Walk around the crates towards the portable toilets. When you get there, look to your left. The New Mexico coin will be on the crate next to the one that one of the soldiers is sitting on.

Where to find Coin Collectibles Forward Base Last of Us 2
New Mexico Coin Locaiton

Workbench Location

Turn around from the coin, and head into the tent immediately to your left. You will have to walk around the people to get there. In one of the corners of this tent, you’ll find the workbench, which is the only one of its kind in this zone. There are also some scavenged materials in the tent.

Workbench Location Last of Us 2 Forward Base Seattle Day 1
Workbench Location

For Isaac from sgt. Foster Artifact Location

Now, proceed through the level until you enter one of the buildings looking for Isaac. It’s the one that the guy smoking a cigarette lets you in after you tell him you need Isaac. First, head towards the table with the yellow crate in the upper right corner. That’s where you’ll find the note / For Isaac from sgt. Foster artifact.

Forward Base Artifact Where to Find Last of Us 2 Chapter Seattle Day 1
For Isaac from sgt. Foster Artifact Location

South Carolina Coin Location

Once you get the note, turn around towards the two people chilling in the “mess hall” area. In the far left corner of the series of tables, you’ll find a small bunch of what look to be paper packets. The South Carolina coin is sitting on top of them.

Coin Locations Seattle Day 1 Last of Us 2 Forward Base Where to Find

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