Last of Us 2 Jasmine Bakery Safe Code & Location - Seattle Day 1 Hostile Territory

Jasmine Bakery safe code lets you unlock the safe containing a bunch of loot in the Hostile Territory sub-chapter of Seattle Day 1 part 2 in The Last of Us 2. The safe itself is easy to miss, and the code is hidden far enough from it that you might not even think to look there. If you get stuck trying to find or open it, this guide will show you the Last of Us 2 Jasmine Bakery safe code and location.

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Last of Us 2 Jasmine Bakery Safe Code

Jasmine Bakery location in the Last of Us 2 Hostile Territory

The safe is hidden inside the Jasmine Bakery in Chinatown. Once you reach the building with the big dragon mural, head left into the alley. The first storefront on the left will have a purple marquee – that’s the bakery. Break the glass and head inside. You’ll see the safe standing against the back wall. You can’t miss it from there.

Jasmine Bakery Safe Code

In order to find the code, you’ll have to go back into the alley and head into the Ruby Dragon restaurant. It’s the last storefront on that side of the alley. Head into the back and go up the stairs. Crawl under the desk, then exit onto the balcony. From there, you can jump across the alley and end up above the King Street antiquity shop. Go left and you’ll find an artifact note on some cardboard boxes. It contains the Last of Us 2 Jasmine Bakery safe code and reads as follows.

I’m sorry I wasn’t here when you got back – the place must look like a bomb went off. Someone must’ve tipped FEDRA off to our little ration operation. Bet it was Jiao, that snake. I managed to hide some of our stuff, but I worry our business partners aren’t going to be happy with their shipment gone. I put some of the supplies in the safe. The combination is 689689. Come join me in our other hideout. It’s time to think about an exit strategy. Be safe! Mei.

If you’re not up to all that jumping and crawling, the Jasmine Bakery safe code is 68 96 89. Once you’ve entered the code, the safe will open and reveal the treasures inside. They include the Urban Combat training manual, which is a very nice addition to your murderous skill set, a bunch of supplements, some crafting materials, a first aid kit and a handful of ammo. If you’re used to just getting nuts, bolts and pills from these, it’s a nice surprise. IF you are having trouble following this screenshot guide perhaps you should check out our Youtube video showing all the steps.


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