Last of Us 2 Big Win Safe Combination & Location - On Foot Seattle Day 1

On Foot is part of the Seattle Day 1 chapter in The Last of Us 2 – the one that takes place in the second half of the game and it contains one safe that requires you to figure out what the big win is to open. It holds great rewards and the code for it is so easy to miss you’d think the developers don’t want you to have the goodies inside. If you want to avoid backtracking and checking everything with a magnifying glass in order to find and open the safe, keep reading our Last of Us 2 big win Safe combo and location guide.

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Last of Us 2 Big Win Safe Code

Last of Us 2 On Foot big win safe location

The safe can be found in the section after you leave the building with a hanging boat. Once you get down from the roof of that building and the conversation turns towards movies and drinks. You’ll be standing in front of a soft drink distribution center that belonged to the MS Corporation. There’s a trailer across from it. If you go around the building, you’ll find some wooden pallets with a sizeable hole next to them. That leads into a tiny room filled with loot. The safe is also in that room.

The big win safe code

As for the combination, it’s in the trailer next to the warehouse. You’ll need to go around it and break a window to get in – preferably the one above the barrels. Once you’re in you can find an artifact called “WLF Gun Cache Not”. It reads as follows.

Marta –

With the truce dead, it’s too risky to keep using this place for meetups. Scars are gonna be swarming all over this area like roaches.I went ahead and cleaned out my supplies already, but I left all your guns in the lockup in case you need them when you arrive. Figure the Scars won’t touch them since the safe is too “old world” for them. Dumb freaks.See you soon, be careful. PaulPS Still using “the big win” as the combination.

So the note will tell you about the safe code being the “big win”. Now comes the easy to miss part. The “big win” refers to a tiny lottery ticket nailed to a notice board in the trailer. Certain numbers are circled with a red pen.

If you value your eyesight too much to indulge in the kind of pixel hunting required in order to read the lottery ticket, the On Foot safe code is 17 38 07. The most important thing you’ll find inside is the Hunting Pistol, a new weapon. There will also be some ammo, supplements and a medkit.

Hunting Pistol

New weapon is a powerful hand cannon. Abby in general has a much more powerful weapon arsenal. You will be able to equip this bad boy with a scope. Once you upgrade its damage you will be able to one shot most enemies. The ammo is scarce, but since it hits like a truck you’ll be able to conserve it. Just make sure you do not miss because reloading is very slow. You can see it in action as well as a video guide for the Last of Us 2 big win safe on our youtube channel.


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