How Long Is The Last of Us 2 - Just The Story & Platinum Trophy

If you’re interested in playing the latest big game, you’re probably wondering how long is The Last of Us 2. A lot of people are. Some want to know if the game gives them enough hours of entertainment per dollar, which is an awful cynical way of looking at things. Others are short on time and need to know how much a commitment it will be before they decide whether to purchase it. No matter the reason, a lot of folks are wondering how many hours it takes to complete TLOU2. That’s why we’ve written this guide, in which we’ll show you how long it takes to beat The Last of Us II, whether you’re just breezing through the story or going for 100% completion and the platinum trophy.

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How Long Is The Last of Us 2

How long to beat The Last of Us II?

It’ll take you between 17 and 45 hours to finish The Last of Us II, depending on what you consider a finished game.

Most people will play it casually, playing through the story and exploring when and where they feel like it, without the compulsion to discover everything. Even they will have to set aside a fair amount of time – The Last of Us 2 takes around 24 hours to complete on moderate difficulty, if you’re just playing without further commitment. The higher the difficulty setting you choose, the more time it will take – you’ll have to reload more often, and spend more time planning how to approach combat encounters. We’ve seen people complete it in as little as 17 hours, on easier settings and without spending time to look for things off the beaten path.

The other factor that influences the time needed to beat the game are the trophies. If you’re going for 100% completion and getting the platinum trophy, the game can easily last for more than 40 hours. You’ll need more than one playthrough for the trophies that require all skill and weapon upgrades, which means doing a new game plus run. The best way to do this is by playing on the easiest setting on your first playthrough, just to get through the story and have it over with in the shortest amount of time. Then, when you’re on new game plus, you can skip the cutscenes and use our guides to help you find everything.

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