Last of Us 2 How to Restore Power in Surgery - Ground Zero

Restoring the power in Surgery is an objective you’ll have to complete in Ground Zero, a subchapter of Seattle Day 2 in The Last of Us 2. It is necessary to do this if you want to open all of those electronic doors that flash the “needs power” message when you approach them. This guide will show you how to restore power in surgery in TLOU2 Ground Zero.

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last of us 2 how to restore power to surgery
How to restore power in surgery in TLOU2 Ground Zero

Surgery needs power door – how to open?

When you get into the surgery area, follow the corridor to the end and enter the room on the left. Look up and to the right, and you’ll see a hole in the wall. Climb up and crawl through it. Once you’re on the other side, enter the room on the left.

There will be a workbench right in front of you. If you look to the right from it, you’ll see a generator. Start it up – this won’t be enough, though, as the whole area will still be dark. As Abby turns around after starting the generator, the camera will conveniently point towards the opposite corner of the room.

tlou2 surgery door needs power

Head there and you’ll discover you can interact with the box on the wall. Opening it will reveal the circuit breaker. Change its position and the lights will flicker back to life. You’ll now be able to open up all the electronic locks in the surgery area.

The main issue here is the dark – even with the flashlight on, you might have trouble finding stuff in the tight corridors of the hospital. The hole in the wall you’re supposed to climb through to get to the generator is especially egregious, since the game trains you to look down most of the time, scanning the area for collectibles, crafting materials and ammo.

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