The Last of Us 2 'Waking up' and 'Overlook' collectibles - Artifact, Trading Card locations guide

Jackson is the first chapter in The Last of Us 2. Waking up and Overlook are the first two parts of that chapter, and both of them area like tutorial areas. However, there are still collectibles to look for there, and you might miss some of them. The chapter select screen will tell you if you do, and with the help of our Last of Us 2 Jackson Waking Up & Overlook collectible locations guide, you’ll be able to get them in no time.

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The Last of Us 2 Waking up and Overlook collectibles Artifact Trading Card locations guide
Last of Us 2 Jackson Waking Up & Overlook collectible locations

Seismicayla Trading Card

Your first collectible might just be the Seismicayla trading card. You’ll find it while following Jesse around town. Before you cross the street at the BBQ place, turn left and you’ll see a notice board. The card will be pinned to it.

TLOU2 Seismicayla Trading Card
Seismicayla Trading Card Location

Volunteer Request Letter Artefact

The artifact on offer here is a Volunteer Request letter, and you can find it on a wooden crate by the workshop across the road from the Tipsy Bison bar.

TLOU2 Volunteer Request Artefact
Volunteer Request Artefact Location

Keene Twins Trading Card

You can get the Keene Twins trading card last. After Jesse takes you to talk to Maria, and you’ve finished the conversation, turn around and face the bar. Go to the darts board at the end of it, and you’ll find the collectible on the barrel below the board.

TLOU2 Keene Twins Trading Card
Keene Twins Trading Card Location

There are a couple of scavenge parts you can in this area as well – on a crate in front of the library, on the pallet at the road block, at the workshop across the road from the butchers.

Overlook artifact location in TLoU2

The only collectible in the Overlook sub-chapter is in the area where the first house is. Go inside, then through the crawlspace accessible from the living room. As you exit, turn around and jump into the window. You’ll find a letter on the desk.

TLOU2 Jackson Artifact Locations
Overlook Artefact Location

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