How to Zoom with the Scope Hunting Rifle in The Last of Us 2

Hunting rifle scope in The Last of Us 2 is one of the most useful tools in your arsenal in the game. It allows you to shoot the enemies from a long distance, and from the relative safety of cover. However, we can see some players having trouble figuring out how to use the scope zoom in Last of Us 2, not to mention how to get the scope in the first place. We’ll be covering both of those things in our How to Zoom with the Scope Hunting Rifle in Last of Us 2 guide in order to help you out.

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How to Zoom with the Scope Hunting Rifle in Last of Us 2

Last of Us 2 How to Use The Scope?

To use the scope in The Last of Us 2, on the hunting rifle, you first have to go into the aiming mode, as you would with any gun, be it a pistol, or shotgun, or whatever. While aiming, press X in order to enter the scoped mode. Just keep in mind that it’s still very possible to miss while using the scope; you still have to lead the shot and account for the bullet trajectory.

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Now, before you can do any of that, you first have to craft the scope upgrade for your weapon You can, of course, do this on a workbench. In our case, it was the on in the Seattle Day 1 – Downtown chapter. It cost us 80 scavenged materials (“screws” if you will). That’s relatively pricey, especially because the other upgrades are things like magazine capacity, extra stability, and extra damage. However, it’s absolutely worth it.

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