The Last of Us 2 'Packing Up' collectibles - Journal Entries, Artifact locations guide

Journal entries and artifacts are collectibles in Jackson Packing Up chapter in Last of Us 2. There are not many, but they are relatively well-hidden. Finding all the Jackson Packing Up chapter collectibles will require you to carefully comb through the whole house, and even then, there is at least one that I know can cause some confusion. So, in our Packing Up Journal Entries, Artifacts in Jackson Last of Us 2 guide, we’re going to show you exactly where to find the artifacts and journal entries in this chapter.

Packing Up Journal Entries, Artifacts in Jackson Last of Us 2
Packing Up Journal Entries, Artifacts in Jackson Last of Us 2

Journal Entry Location

The first journal entry collectible in the Jackson Packing Up chapter in Last of Us 2 is in the kitchen, on the ground floor. That’s the room in the upper left corner of the house. Starting from the front door, go to the left, into the dining room, then proceed to the right into the kitchen. There’s a brown-rimmed mug right by the sink. Pick it up, and rotate it so that the owl on the mug is in full view. Then, put the mug down. If Ellie makes a note in her journal, you’ve done it right. If not, try again.

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Journal Entry #1 location

Journal Entry – The Guitar

Next up, head up the stairs to the first floor. Go into the first room on the left, aka the workshop. Much like the kitchen, you’ll know you’re in the right place the moment you walk in. There’s tools, shelves, drawers, and projects in various stages of completion all over the place. The thing you’re looking for, however, is the guitar – journal entry that’s under the window on the right of the workshop.

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Journal Entry #2 location

Joel’s Watch Artefact Location

Last, but not least, an artifact. Exit the workshop and go into the bedroom, at the end of the small hallway. The closet and the bathroom are on the right, but the collectible is on the left, in a small, red box on the bed. Inside, you’ll find a broken watch and a revolver. The watch is what counts as the artifact, but you should definitely pick up both anyways.

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