The Last of Us 2 'The Gate' collectibles - Artifact, Journal Entry, Trading Cards locations guide

Seattle Day 1 The Gate chapter in The Last of Us 2 has its fair share of collectibles, including Trading Cards, Journal Entries, and Artifacts. As is the case with all the chapters, some of the collectibles in The Gate chapter of Seattle Day 1 are extremely well-hidden, and some of them are crucial for you to proceed with the game. So, in our The Gate Trading Cards, Journal Entries, Artifacts Seattle Day 1 Last of Us 2 guide, we’re going to show you where to find all the collectibles in this chapter.

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The Gate Trading Cards Journal Entries Artifacts Seattle Day 1 Last of Us 2
The Gate Trading Cards, Journal Entries, Artifacts Seattle Day 1 Last of Us 2

Motivator Trading Card Location

The first trading card in Seattle Day 1 The Gate can be found at the dilapidated bus stop in the middle of the woods. As you ride along, Dina and Ellie will make remarks about the cars that you’ll come across, and the bus stop is right there with said cars. The Motivator trading card is on the right side of the stop, in the little pocket where maps usually go.

trading card location seattle day 1 the gate
Trading Card #1 location

Starfire Kids Trading Card

Proceed through the forest until you come onto the highway. Hang a left and ride until you pass under the two overpasses. You’ll come across a road sign for Seattle above you. Look to the left, and you’ll see a mobile office surrounded by a bulldozer and some road work signs. Head into the office and look to the left. You’ll spot a corkboard on the wall, with the Starfire Kids trading card pinned to it.

starfire kids trading card location last of us 2 seattle day 1
Trading Card #2 location

Map of Seattle Artifact

Now, head into the adjoining room and check the file cabinet in the far left corner. In the top drawer, you’ll find a map of Seattle. This artifact will become indispensable later on.

map of seattle where to find last of us 2
Artifact #1 location

Journal Entry Location

Continue through the forest until you reach the (first) titular gate of Seattle. Approach it to get the Journal entry based on the inscription on the door. Then double back almost to the edge of the road. The last car in line has the trunk popped open. You’ll find the hammer in there.

where to find all journal entries the gate seattle day 1 last of us 2
Journal Entry #1 location

Refugee Note Artefact

Now, go towards the gate, and head left into the area full of military vehicles. Once in the “courtyard,” take a left and climb the stairs into the mobile office. There’s a note on the long desk immediately to the left of the entrance, called the Refugee Note.

artifact locations seattle day 1 gate
Artifact #2 location

Infected Infographic Artefact

Exit the trailer and walk straight towards the one across from you, the one surrounded by metal barriers. Opposite from you, there’s another long desk with a clock above it. Underneath said clock, you’ll find the FEDRA Stages of Infection leaflet (Infected Infographic). If you exit this trailer through the other door and climb the truck in the corner on the right, you’ll find some scavenged parts, too.

fedra infection artifact last of us 2 location
Artifact #3 location

Isaac’s Orders Artefact & Chessmaster Trading Card

Your next order of business is to climb up the wall. Once on the walkway on the other side, head left through the open door. Climb the ladder to the left of the wall. In the small room at the top, you’ll find a note to Zelda (Isaac’s Orders) on the container right behind you, as well as the Chessmaster trading card on the table next to it. There’s also some materials there, too.

trading-cards artifacts seattle day 1 the gate last of us 2 where to find
Artifact #4 & Trading Card #3 locations

Checkpoint Gate Codes Artefact

Now you can climb down to ground level. Head into the command center; you’ll have to break the window to enter. You can use the aforementioned hammer, or the brick on the ground close to the ladder you used to get down here. In a small file cabinet in the right corner, you’ll find a note with passcodes mentioning Serevena base on the back (Checkpoint Gate Codes). From here, you’ll have to open the main gate using the generator and extension cord. For detailed instructions on that, check out our How to Open the Main Gate guide.

checkpoint passcodes location last of us 2 the gate seattle day 1
Artifact #5 location

Rooftop Note Artefact & Oozer Trading Card

Before you do any of that gate opening business, though, pick up the extension cord and fling it over the command center, as demonstrated in the image below. Then, unlock the gate door and go around the other side. Use the cord to climb onto the roof. On the lawn chair seat, you’ll find some supplements, a bottle, and a note underneath them both. That’s the artifact – Rooftop Note. Check the sunroof / hatch next to the chair to find some ammo, more supplements, scavenged materials, and the Oozer trading card underneath.

trading card & artifact locations where to find the gate last of us 2 seattle day 1 chapter
Artifact #6 & Trading Card #4 locations

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